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Danfoss News

Danfoss: Switching to electric heating as a primary or comfort heating source is a future-proof decision​

With energy costs – including the cost of electricity – rising in most European countries, the last thing on peoples’ minds might be switching to electric heating as a primary or comfort heating source for their homes. But could it be that electric has much more potential than people think?.

Omniflex News

Omniflex: A five step plan for effective antenna selection in wireless telemetry applications

A wireless telemetry application is only as good as the antenna system. Whether it’s a radiological system in a nuclear plant, an industrial alarm, or even a utility gas or water metre, it’s important that the signals are reliably transmitted and received.

Beckhoff News

A complete solution for communication with the charging infrastructure and electric vehicles

Beckhoff has added the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) to the TwinCAT IoT product portfolio based on the WebSocket protocol which has recently been introduced for the IoT driver. OCPP standardizes the communication between charging stations for electric vehicles and the associated central management systems.

Telit News

Telit Broadens Smart Module Portfolio with Release of New SE250B4

Telit, a global leader in the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced the release of the SE250B4, the newest addition to its smart module product line. Evolving from the existing SE150A4, the SE250B4 is a fully featured “system on a module” that provides native support for integrated peripherals like high-resolution touch displays, advanced cameras and popular audio and digital sensor interfaces.

Delta Electronics

Delta’s New AI-Powered EV Charging Management System DeltaGrid® EVM Ensuring Safety, Power Stability, and Efficiency Worldwide

Delta, a global leader in power and energy management, today announced its new EV charging management system, DeltaGrid® EVM, an innovative platform featuring artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities and seamless integration with energy infrastructure (solar energy and energy storage), is enhancing the power stability and operating efficiency of EV charging sites across the world.


Control cabinet manufacturing just got smarter!

The new Eplan Smart Mounting software supports manual control cabinet assembly in a highly efficient manner. It leads technicians step by step through the installation of DIN rails, cable ducts and electrotechnical components, and shows where which component must be installed.

Carrier News

Carrier Commercial Refrigeration Launches “Customer Days” Series to Showcase Sustainable Offerings at Innovation Center

Carrier Commercial Refrigeration launches its Customer Days series this week, creating high-touch, immersive and interactive tours through Carrier’s Innovation Center in Mainz, Germany. The events offer customers a truly unique experience to see innovative products and technology, as well as provide a forum for discussions around current capabilities and future developments, focusing on energy savings and sustainable solutions for European retail customers.

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