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Hanwha News

Hanwha Embracing a Sustainable Future with Technology

Designed around energy-saving principles, Hanwha Vision’s product and technology deliver a sustainable approach for security and monitoring needs.

MSA Safety Info

“Cloud Connectivity for Building Automation: latest Trends and Innovations”

The building automation industry has generally been a slow player when it comes to adopting new technology. Over a decade ago, the majority of building automation systems were proprietary, and the BAS was another tool required for the operation of a building. A facility manager reacted to the system only when at fault. Over the decade, open system protocols such as BACnet and LonWorks emerged as well as the worldwide emphasis on energy management and sustainability. The rate of adoption of new technology and continual improvement by BMS vendors has increased dramatically.



Elisa and Roland have built a new house. It was clear to them that a PV system had to be installed on the roof and that it should also charge the electric car directly. To ensure this works smoothly, they opted for a complete solution from KEBA.


Wolseley and Friga-Bohn (part of the Lennox EMEA group) Partnership Join Forces to deliver High-Quality Industrial Refrigeration Solutions

An exciting new partnership between Wolseley and Friga-Bohn will provide contractors and end-users with access to the latest advances in high-efficiency refrigeration products for heavy-commercial and industrial applications.

Terabee News

Sensirion and Terabee partner up for enhanced indoor air quality monitoring to reduce air pollution and improve health

The Terabee Air Quality SB5 accurately measures the environment indoors. It relies on Sensirion environmental sensors, for guaranteed stability and automatic recalibration during the life of the device, measuring up to five ambient metrics using Swiss-made sensors, to help reduce air pollution and improve health.

Join the 155,000+ IMP followers