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Molexces News

Molex unveils revolutionary light sanitisation technology to improve everyday life

Global supplier of advanced electronic components and solutions, Molex, has today announced a ground-breaking technology collaboration with Nextsense, which seeks to break down the gap between the results of pure research and the application of the best scientific experiences to everyday life.

Danfoss News

Danfoss House paves the way for the housing of the future

The new Danfoss House will be ready in 2023, and will serve both as a housing construction as well as testing and demonstration center for Danfoss’s energy-efficient technologies. The ambition is to achieve the highest sustainability certification for an ordinary residential building in brick and concrete.

Fraunhofer News

Disinfection robot: Value created by linking up to building data

The disinfection robot BALTO — named after a sled dog who carried urgently needed vaccines to a highly inaccessible region of Alaska a hundred years ago — is capable of disinfecting door knobs and similar objects. It does this autonomously, reacting to human beings in the surrounding area at the same time. An interface with the Building Information Modeling (BIM) process makes this possible.

Phoenix Contact News

Combined lightning current and surge arrester for the meter panel

The FLT-SEC-ZP2 combined lightning current and surge arrester from Phoenix Contact provides even more free space for tailored solutions in the meter cabinet than its predecessor FLT-SEC-ZP.

Danfoss News

Danfoss multi-refrigerant, A2L-ready condensing units for ultra-low GWP installations

The release of the new Optyma condensing units and MTZ/NTZ compressors—following the qualification of valves and line components in 2020—means Danfoss has the widest portfolio of A2L-ready refrigeration solutions compatible with R1234yf, R454C, and R455A refrigerants.

Sanhua News

New RFKH20 series is suitable for A2L refrigerants

New thermostatic expansion valves RFKH20 series are suitable for refrigerants R455A and R454C in temperature range N [from -40°C to +10°C] without MOP function.

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