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KEBA charging stations comply with legal stabilisation plan

Charging station KEBA KeContact wallboxes offer industry-standard interfaces such as the potential-free contact X1, Modbus TCP and, in the KeContact P30 x-series.

Molex News

Molex Releases Report on Thermal Management Challenges and Opportunities for I/O Modules amid Emerging Solutions for Next-Gen Data Center Cooling

Molex has published a report that examines thermal management pitfalls and possibilities as data center architects and operators strive to balance high-speed data throughput requirements with the impacts of growing power density and the need for heat dissipation on critical servers and interconnect systems.


Aggreko: Energy intensive industries across Europe urged to consider decentralised energy solutions amid French grid issues

Following news of rising energy costs caused by French grid limitations, an energy solutions provider is urging energy intensive industries in the region to consider moving to decentralised models to mitigate rising costs and resilience issues.

Kontron News

Kontron's major order for smart wall boxes

Kontron a global leader in IoT technology, has been greenlit to supply smart charging stations for electric vehicles for one of the world’s largest car manufacturers. Series production will begin in July 2024.

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