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Delta Electronics

Delta Unveils Megawatt UPS for Hyper-scale Data Centers

Delta’s Ultron DPS 600kVA UPS features megawatt power capacity with parallel configurations and the world’s smallest footprint, which makes it the best suited backup power solution for hyper-scale data centers that greatly require power density and space utilization.


Expanded Lennox chiller portfolio supports F-Gas refrigerant phase-down

Lennox has expanded its range of chillers with new options for installers and engineers who wish to move away from R410A and R134a, to low-GWP alternatives – including the world’s first inverter scroll chiller for use with R32.

Delta Electronics

Datacloud Global Congress 2019 on June 4–6, 2019 in Monaco—Delta exhibits technologies for 5G expansion at global data center and cloud conference

The Datacloud Global Congress has become one of the most important events in the data center world. Delta was one of the major exhibitors this year, presenting unique solutions for edge computing and 5G network expansion. Visitors to the Delta booth learned about modular, prefabricated data center technologies and were treated to a special data center tour.

Delta Electronics

UPS Day 2019 in Rotterdam—Delta sponsors Dutch seminar about ongoing changes in data center power infrastructure

Power has always been a crucial part of data center infrastructure. But approaches to supplying power are changing drastically. Renewable energies are gaining importance and new ways of achieving redundancy are emerging. UPS-Day 2019 by DatacenterWorks focused on these radical changes in power infrastructure. As a sponsor and presenter at the event, Delta explained what’s driving these shifts and the technologies companies can deploy in response.

Delta Electronics

Delta Data Center Solution Day Poland

Delta demonstrates how the IoT is changing data centers and which solutions are best suited for enabling the transformation.


Metrologically-certified mains power analysis in a totally new dimension A versatile, mobile solution for power quality and energy consumption monitoring

Power grids ensure that consumers can be supplied with electrical energy at all times. Requirements for the quantity, availability and quality of the energy vary according to the consumer and are therefore contractually agreed between the consumer and the supplier. In this way, trouble-free operation of customer installations can be ensured without unduly influencing other energy consumers on the same network. However, where mains power quality is concerned, the problems caused by influences are increasing rapidly. This is not least the result of consumer behaviour in terms of AC-DC voltage conversion, which makes energy planning an increasingly difficult task (for example when considering e-mobility). But also, countless and ever-increasing numbers of decentralised feed-in points, such as PV systems for example, multiply the supplier’s problems and as a result make it more difficult for them to comply with their contracts.

Join the 155,000+ IMP followers