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Bosch Smart Home expands compatibility

Bosch Smart Home Controller II now functions as a Matter Bridge. Bosch Smart Home devices enabled to be connected to the Matter world.
Bosch Smart Home expands compatibility

Bosch Smart Home is releasing a pioneering update for the Bosch Smart Home Controller II, thus setting the course for the new Matter communication standard. This update enables Bosch Smart Home devices to be seamlessly integrated into a universal, cross-brand smart home network. The standard developed by the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) offers compatibility with devices from various manufacturers, thus supporting an individually customised smart home setup.

Advantages of Matter: Seamless integration and expanded compatibility
In the context of CSA, hundreds of companies are working together to promote the development of a common wireless protocol with Matter as a standard. This simplifies the interoperability of smart home devices from different manufacturers and the standardisation of set-up and update processes. A significant advantage of Matter as a universal language lies in local communication between devices and hubs, which communicate without requiring detours via the internet or cloud services. Direct, encrypted communication accelerates response times and enhances data security.

Bosch Smart Home expands compatibility

Bosch Smart Home Controller II – the bridge to Matter

The Smart Home Controller II is the first device from Bosch to support the pioneering communication standard for smart home devices. As the central interface to Matter, Bosch’s controller is designed to integrate both existing and future Bosch Smart Home products into a comprehensive, manufacturer-independent network. This facilitates communication, supported by the Matter standard, between Bosch Smart Home devices and the Matter network. This maximises interoperability and control via the Matter network.

The update of the Smart Home Controller II to a Matter Bridge paves the way for an open, future-proof smart home system. It offers the freedom to network and control devices from various manufacturers, thus contributing to greater comfort and convenience in one’s own four walls.

The following Bosch Smart Home products can be controlled in the Matter world via the bridge:
  • Radiator Thermostat / Radiator Thermostat II
  • Relay
  • Door/window contact / Door/window contact II (Plus)
  • Room Thermostat / Room Thermostat II
  • Room Thermostat Underfloor Heating / Room Thermostat II 230V
  • Smart Plug / Plug Compact
  • Motion Detector
  • Dimmer

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