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Siemens Introduces Home Energy Monitoring Solution

Home EV charging activity, solar generation, and additional appliance insights are accessible remotely via app and helps homeowners reduce energy consumption.
Siemens Introduces Home Energy Monitoring Solution

Siemens in collaboration with Emporia, officially announced the Inhab™ Energy Monitor residential energy monitoring solution that helps homeowners take control of their energy consumption and spending. The device can continuously monitor a home’s real-time power usage ranging from applications such as EV charging to solar generation while providing suggestions on how power can be used more efficiently. The solution also provides alerts if unusual power consumption occurs in the home.

The solution works by a certified electrician installing current transformers on each home circuit a homeowner wants to monitor. This allows the homeowner insights into how major appliances such as furnaces, air conditioners, refrigerators, washers, and EV chargers are performing. Details about each appliance’s energy usage can help forewarn of an approaching lifecycle end. All functionality can be managed and monitored by the homeowner remotely through a mobile app, on a smartphone, tablet, or laptop with real-time power usage data and alert notifications are subject to network availability.

“Through the Inhab Energy Monitor app, homeowners can track their residential energy usage 24/7 in real-time and receive alert notifications about abnormal energy behavior or if a savings opportunity arises,” said Head of Residential Electrical Products at Siemens Smart Infrastructure USA Jacob Middleton. “It allows occupants to shift their usage patterns from peak to off-peak rates and enables participation in utility programs, such as Demand Response and Real-Time of Use Rates. Components are easily installed in an existing or new electrical panel along with effortless setup and monitoring through the Siemens mobile app.”

To develop the product, Siemens teamed up with Emporia, a leading home energy management company renowned for agile hardware and software development expertise. Emporia spearheaded the technical development and design of the hardware, playing a crucial role in facilitating UL certification for the product. Additionally, through its advanced software, Emporia monitors and interprets data received from the app, enhancing user engagement and understanding of energy patterns.

“The collaboration between Siemens and Emporia showcases the best both companies have to offer. We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to deliver an end-to-end offering that helps customers save money, is good for the planet and is run by one simple, easy-to-use digital interface. We look forward to continuing to see the Inhab Portfolio grow,” said Emporia Chief Operating Officer Shawn Mclaughlin.

Named by Green Builder Media as a 2024 Sustainable Product of the Year, the Inhab Energy Monitor solution is commercially available in North America on Amazon, in home improvement retailers like The Home Depot, Menards, and Lowes, and through wholesale electrical distributors.

The energy monitor device is part of a robust suite of cutting-edge energy monitoring and control products from Siemens’ Inhab™ portfolio – the Intelligent Habitat designed to allow homeowners greater insight into the ever-increasing electrical demands of modern homes. Initially unveiled at CES 2024, the Inhab portfolio of smart home energy management products feature continuous monitoring, load optimization, and full control of the home electrical system to efficiently and cost effectively manage both the energy sources entering the home as well as the electrical loads consuming that power. Inhab is a trademark of Siemens and/or its affiliates in most countries.

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