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Ksenia Security's lares 4.0 control panel has great potential

Ksenia Security's lares 4.0 is a complete platform for creating an integrated security system with Video Verification, Smart Home and Access Control functions.

Ksenia Security's lares 4.0 control panel has great potential

Technological evolution has greatly enhanced the Security sector: intrusion detection systems are increasingly intelligent, multifunction, offering high levels of protection at the same time. Moreover, they can be integrated with many other systems, such as Home Automation or Video Surveillance, allowing the remote control for the end users and the remote configuration for the installers.

They are also easier to use thanks to dedicated Apps and the various integrations with third-party systems to meet any market request. Unfortunately, not all control panels have these features as standard and, for this reason, the installations must be created and further integrated, thus wasting time and money.

Moreover, it is an extremely flexible and scalable solution: available in wired, wireless, and hybrid versions, it can manage from 16 to 644 zones thus resulting the ideal solution for residential, commercial and industrial environments of any size. With a view to greater comfort and efficiency, lares 4.0 stands out on the market for being open to numerous integrations with important Automation and Video Surveillance players such as Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Creston, Control4, Milestone and Avigilon.

In addition, it offers endless integrations with third-party IP devices thanks to 'porta IoT', the http gateway of Ksenia Security that allows direct communication between devices and the control panel through http strings, without the use of any SDK.

lares 4.0 is equipped with a native Ethernet connection with 4G back-up, thus allowing the installers to set up the control panel and all its peripherals remotely via an extremely intuitive cloud platform called Ksenia SecureWeb, without the use of a specific software and from any browser. Moreover, Ksenia offers them the Ksenia Pro App, thanks to which they can manage their installations directly from the smartphone and act on the control panel in real time, optimizing time and costs.

In addition, lares 4.0 App, globally known for its ease of use, allows the end user to perform multiple actions such as: check the status of the system and sensors; use the time programmer and view the video streams of the cameras; manage lights, roller blinds, temperature; access the event log; receive push notifications and much more.

All these features make lares 4.0 an innovative system, able to respond to current needs thanks to its multifunction nature, and to the future ones thanks to its ability to evolve and update itself to be always in line with the reference market.

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