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Why it is important to consider a wireless Ksenia alarm system for your home

Wireless technology can be used to create an efficient and reliable alarm system in addition to traditional wired security systems.

Why it is important to consider a wireless Ksenia alarm system for your home

The wireless alarm system does not require any connection to the electrical network to operate and the devices communicate with each other via electromagnetic waves, therefore without the need for cables.

This solution not only offers significant advantages, but it is also able to meet the most demanding installation requirements, overcoming the limitations of wired systems.

Let’s look at the main points that make wireless alarm systems a serious option:

  • Easy installation: Installing a wireless system is quick and easy because it does not require any structural changes to your home. A specialized installer can therefore quickly configure the system and your home is immediately protected.
  • Flexibility and versatility: It is the ideal solution in situations where a wired alarm system cannot be installed This includes houses where the electrical installation is not designed to accommodate a wired alarm system, rented houses or properties subject to the constraint of heritage restrictions.
  • In addition, a wireless system offers the ability to strategically position devices, even in the garden or in areas without power supply, to optimize intrusion detection.
  • Easy to move: it can be easily moved to another home, possibly integrated with additional equipment to easily adapt to the new home.
  • Transmission speed and reliability: Using advanced technologies, such as radio wave communications and cellular connections, wireless systems ensure a reliable and continuous connection to the monitoring system. This means that even in the event of a power failure or telephone line problems, your alarm system remains active and operational, ensuring constant protection.
  • Remote control and smart integration: The most advanced wireless alarm systems offer the convenience of remote control. Mobile apps allow you to monitor and control your alarm system wherever you are. In addition, many can integrate with other smart technologies in your home, allowing you to create a highly effective home security and automation ecosystem.

The efficient and reliable wireless system from Ksenia Security
Thanks to the lares 4.0 wls control panel, it is possible to create a wireless system that adapts perfectly to the most varied installation requirements, always guaranteeing maximum security. The lares 4.0 control panel communicates with wireless devices via radio waves and offers the great advantage of being already equipped with Ethernet and bi-directional wireless transmitter, compatible with all Ksenia Security wireless solutions.

Another distinctive feature is the flexibility of communication from our control panel to the outside, via network cable or SIM card. The latter option offers an additional level of security, since in the event of an alarm, the lares 4.0 system can send real-time emails, messages and/or calls to pre-set numbers, signaling a possible intrusion attempt.

The entire wireless system can be monitored remotely and directly from your smartphone thanks to the lares 4.0 app, always giving you full control of your home.

Our range of wireless devices
With the aim of offering complete and advanced solutions, Ksenia Security presents a range of professional and integrable WLS alarm kits, designed to meet every single customer need. Our offer also includes a range of devices such as sensors, motion detectors, smoke detectors, some of which are available in both wired and wireless versions, ensuring optimal flexibility and performance:

  • ‘lares 4.0 wls 96’ – Ksenia wireless control panel, able to manage up to 96 zones.
  • ‘nanus poli’: is a small magnetic wireless contact designed to be installed on any widow frames in your home. The technology used makes it more robust and durable over time, and it integrates perfectly with any type of furniture thanks to the three color variations available: white, brown, and grey.
  • ‘unum wls’: is an indoor motion sensor characterized by the presence of an invisible and ultramodern lens that ensures accurate and reliable detection. It has the "anti-masking" function to prevent tampering and the "pet immune" feature to prevent accidental alarms caused by small pets.
  • ‘velum-C wls’: is a motion sensor that can be installed both indoors and outdoors near large house entrances such as French windows or glass doors. It can project a shielding barrier that completely and evenly covers the area you want to protect. It can be installed on the ceiling with a vertical range of 6 meters, providing complete and unsurpassed coverage of any intruder.
  • ‘matrix’: is a universal radio interface for connecting third party motion detectors, capable of making any type of low absorption sensor wireless.
  • ‘micro poli’: is a small wireless sensor known for its many functions, including its ability to detect all types of vibration, up to the opening of doors and windows. It can also accurately discriminate the angle of inclination of any type of window opening, such as vasistas.

A wireless alarm system offers many advantages, especially in situations where the installation of a wired system is not feasible or advisable. When choosing the ideal solution, Ksenia Security offers the possibility of creating a complete, flexible, and professional wireless system, installed by an expert of our system.

The installer will not only ensure that your equipment is strategically placed throughout your home but will also provide you with a highly skilled after-sales service. Relying on a professional Ksenia Security system, your home will be protected at all times thanks to a reliable and advanced wireless system, that will allow you to guarantee you and your loved ones the peace of mind that you deserve in your home.

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