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Energy Management Optimisation Enabled by Conrad

Saving, generating and using energy: spotting and tapping into the potential of building service technology.

Energy Management Optimisation Enabled by Conrad

So much more than selling tech products: the Conrad team has set up a Product World that provides tips and inspiration for an energy-efficient building management.The VOLTCRAFT SEM5000 is plugged between the socket and the device and quickly and accurately displays the energy consumption or electricity costs in the selected currency.

  • Using energy efficiently: find products and inspiration on a single platform
  • Workable solutions for businesses, public services and educational institutions
  • Sockets, switchgear, lighting supplies: all the essentials for efficient buildings

Power consumption, cost cutting and becoming autonomous in terms of power supply are the hot topics building service engineers are talking about these days. This is why Conrad Electronic are currently focusing on products related to energy usage and building service technology. As a reliable partner for businesses buying technical supplies, the Conrad Sourcing Platform stocks a wide range of products aimed at the industries, trade, the service sector, plant and machinery MRO, electrical contractors, lighting fitters and facility managers. Conrad’s “Energy & Building Services” product world also showcases the latest releases, trends and practical examples.

Energy Management Optimisation Enabled by Conrad

A World of Innovation, Tips and Trends
Smart mains outlets, LED lighting fixtures, electricity meters, alternative energy solutions, portable energy storage, e-mobility and a wide range of accessories. Conrad’s sourcing platform supplies the entire product width and depth of technology related to energy and building services. New additions include Siemens power distributors, innovative light bulbs by Ledvance, Chauvin Anoux network and power quality analysers as well as smart electricity meters supplied by Voltcraft.

However, for the Conrad team, this is about much more than just selling. “We see ourselves as a provider of ideas and solutions who help customers identify both areas where they can save energy and the product that allows them to do so,” explains Christian Fleischmann who looks after the ‘Home’ category at Conrad Electronic. “Which is why we use our new product world to give businesses, public services and educational institutions practical tips and actionable advice on how to implement efficient energy management.”

Energy Management Optimisation Enabled by Conrad

Practical Examples Applied to Buildings
When it comes to “Monitoring and Cutting Energy Consumption”, a little already goes a long way. Using smart LED technology, motion detectors in rarely used spaces, timers and dimmable daylight sensors will increase energy efficiency right away. A specifically chosen practical example explains what solutions are available and how to set them up correctly. Another main topic is “Generating and Storing Energy” which looks at portable power generators used to cover places with no mains supply, and to ensure continual supply in the event of power cuts. Moreover, the team are showcasing mobile and stationary ready-to-use solutions as a cost-effective way of starting to use renewable energy.

Visit the Energy & Building Service Product World providing detailed information about Conrad’s product range, product-related services and practical examples here:

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