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Security and Lighting Technology for Building Engineers

Autumn is upon us. This also means increased demand for industrial-grade building security and lighting solutions. Which is why the team behind the Conrad Sourcing Platform are focusing on these two topics, introducing the latest releases and showcasing select products as the days are getting shorter.

Security and Lighting Technology for Building Engineers

Industrial-grade building security and lighting solutions: everything you need is now available on the Conrad Sourcing Platform.

  • State-of-the-art security technology: IP cameras and all-in-one solutions
  • Eco-friendly lighting: ultra-efficient LED lights
  • Smart control: intelligent lighting systems for building automation

As the days are getting shorter, the Conrad Sourcing Platform shifts its focus towards building security and lighting.

Keeping an Eye on Things: IP Cameras and CCTV Networks
IP cameras are the backbone of modern, network-based surveillance tech. ABUS, for instance, provide solutions in the form of a well thought-through package. ABUS outdoor and indoor cameras come in many forms and shapes, providing high-resolution footage during the day and during the dark hours, easily handling front- and backlighting scenarios and low-light conditions, and that both indoors and outdoors. All ABUS cameras are intercompatible and connect to network video recorders (NVRs).

“Anyone looking for a system that is compact and affordable yet fully meets industry standards should opt for an all-in-one solution. It’s the easiest and fastest way to get the job done,” explains Helmut Müller, Senior Director at Conrad Electronic, who is responsible for the company’s building service technology and speciality products range. Surveillance products aimed at factories, stores, warehouses, office buildings and outdoor areas can be set up to meet the needs of individual businesses. To achieve this, customers have a variety of options when it comes to connectivity (PoE or Wi-Fi cameras) and data storage (camera microSD card, NVR HDD, NAS).

More details available in Conrad’s Security System Product World.

Security and Lighting Technology for Building Engineers

Lighting Technology that Helps Boost Productivity
Increased productivity. Improved focus. Higher work quality. Choosing the right lighting in offices, on shopfloors and in meeting rooms helps create a work environment that promotes the health of everyone around. Moreover, eco-friendly and sustainable solutions are getting increasingly popular as we speak.

The Conrad Sourcing Platform supplies a comprehensive range of lighting products that includes several leading brands. One of them are Philips whose LED lights are the first products that come with an efficiency A-rating (based on recent legislation), consume 60 percent less electricity than most other LED bulbs widely used these days and last almost four times as long. And there are Osram’s EU- compliant SubstiTUBE LED lamps that are head and shoulders above all common T8-, T5- and T9 fluorescent lights in terms of energy efficiency, service life, lack of flickering and shatter-proofing which makes them a futureproof choice.

Warm-white light to make customers feel comfy. Cool-white light to help you focus. Smart solutions, such as Philips Hue LED lighting system, enable choosing the right lighting at the press of a button via app, remote controls, wall switch and via voice command. What’s more, the system allows individualised settings that automate lighting during your whole workday.

More smart lighting solutions available in Conrad’s Lighting Product World.

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