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Mitsubishi Electric Launches NEXIEZ-MRL Version2 Elevator

New door system improves operating efficiency and deploys antivirus solutions help ensure passenger safety. Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6503) announced today the launch of the NEXIEZ-MRL Version2 elevator, featuring more advanced specifications than the NEXIEZ-MRL model, the company's mainstay machine room-less elevator in overseas markets.

Mitsubishi Electric Launches NEXIEZ-MRL Version2 Elevator

Mitsubishi Electric's NEXIEZ-MRL Version2 elevator

In addition to operating more efficiently, the new model will help improve passenger safety, comfort and convenience by providing antivirus solutions that meet the demands of the "new normal." Sales will commence on October 29, and the company is targeting orders of 5,000 units per year in overseas markets.

Main Features
1)New door system boosts operational efficiency

  • Quick-motion Door System shortens door opening and closing times, increasing transport efficiency by approximately 12%1 and cutting average waiting time by around 14%.1
  • Quick Closing System with Sensor shortens door opening time when it detects no passengers in the elevator hall. The average waiting time is reduced by approximately 24%1 in combination with the Quick-motion Door System.

1 Compared to the previous NEXIEZ-MRL elevator. Simulated with 2 cars with 13 persons each at 1.0m/sec and 4 stops.
Transport efficiency is simulated in 5 minutes.

2)Antivirus solutions for passenger safety and comfort

  • The new elevators feature clean solutions such as circulation fans equipped with Plasma Quad™,2 and antiviral and antibacterial buttons help ensure passenger safety and a comfortable ride.
  • Passengers can call an elevator remotely and select their destination floor using their smartphone, providing reassuring "no-touch" transportation.

2 Mitsubishi Electric original technology. An electric field/discharge suppresses contaminants in the air, such as viruses, bacteria and pollen.

3)Allows use by mobile robots and features four new designs, enhancing property value

  • The new models are designed to allow use of the elevators by robots for operations such as building security, cleaning and transportation, and can be integrated into the building management systems of various manufacturers,3 contributing to labor saving and building operation efficiency.
  • Four new styles of car design based on the results of global market research - "LUXURY", "NATURAL", "COMFORT", and "MODERN" - create a comfortable environment for passengers.
  • Design variations include operating panels and hall buttons based around the color black, and luxury textured faceplates.

3 Limited to models that comply with our company standards.

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