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Akenza Introduces 3D Building Twins for Advanced Data Visualization

Akenza has announce the launch of its 3D floorplan component, which enables the visualization of building data into highly customizable digital twins.

Akenza Introduces 3D Building Twins for Advanced Data Visualization

This new feature is set to improve how facility managers, workplace managers, and real estate owners visualize and interact with building data.

The 3D floorplan component allows users to create detailed, customizable 3D views of building interiors, integrating IoT sensor data to provide dynamic, real-time visual representations. This update comes as part of akenza’s continuous effort to simplify complex IoT integrations and enhance user experience in smart building management.

Key elements:

  • Customizable visualization: Users can navigate their building twins inside the akenza dashboards, with options to visualize single floors or entire multi-story buildings.
  • Versatile data layers: Implement different data visualization styles such as rooms, desks, and sensors with options for icons, spheres, and heatmaps.
  • Wide range of use cases: Supports a range of IoT solutions including occupancy monitoring, air quality tracking, asset monitoring, smart parking and dynamic cleaning.
  • This tool is designed to support facility management professionals and workplace managers by providing a comprehensive view of building operations, ensuring that spaces are utilized efficiently and sustainably.
  • This feature complements the extensive capabilities of the akenza platform, which seamlessly integrates various building data sources, including IoT sensors and standard BMS protocols, into one place, providing a unified and real-time view of your building assets.

For more details on how to create your building digital twin.

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