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B&R presents solutions for a new generation of energy at Smarter E Europe 2024

At Smarter E Europe 2024 from June 19-21 in Munich, Germany, B&R is showing how intelligent automation can address the new challenges that come with widespread adoption of renewable energy.
B&R presents solutions for a new generation of energy at Smarter E Europe 2024

Visitors to Booth 490 in Hall B2 will see how B&R technology is helping to make green grids more reliable and deliver clean fuel to hard-to-electrify sectors.

"More than ever, society needs an energy supply that is reliable, affordable, efficient and sustainable," says B&R CEO Joerg Theis. "By making it faster and easier to incorporate and scale new solutions for power generation, transmission, distribution and storage, we're helping our customers drive the next wave of the energy transition."

New wave, new challenges
As the energy transition enters a new phase of widespread adoption, new challenges arise – from balancing dynamic supply fluctuations to integrating mixed energy sources into a cohesive grid. The energy industry is responding with a new generation of intelligent solutions: Battery systems store excess energy and release it when demand is high or production is low. Power-2-X systems convert surplus electricity for use in sectors that are hard to electrify directly. Fuel cells provide clean power for vehicles, portable power systems and even grid support using hydrogen produced with renewable energy.

Automating a new generation
Visitors to Booth 490 in Hall B2 will experience firsthand how B&R is helping lead the charge with this new generation of energy solutions – by optimizing performance, enabling rapid integration and scaling and ensuring secure and reliable operation. In addition to deep-dives into energy storage and Power-2-X, booth highlights include a demonstration of how B&R's patented diverter technology helps its ACOPOStrak product transport systems supercharge the production of battery cells.

B&R experts will be on site to introduce visitors to the latest evolutions in some of the company's flagship products: The new 4100 and 3200 series of its Automation PCs bring big steps in performance and scalability, while a major update to the B&R engineering environment, Automation Studio 6, offers a new level of collaborative, user-focused engineering across the full equipment lifecycle.

Long track record of powering progress
B&R's scalable automation and energy management systems are tailored for critical infrastructure and enhanced with the latest cybersecurity measures. From wind, solar, biogas and hydroelectric to conventional energy sources – they support the backbone of today's energy landscape as they drive progress toward a more sustainable future.

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