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Schneider Electric releases microgrid solution providing clean power to off-grid communities

Schneider committed to extending access to clean electricity to 50 million people globally by 2025, in order to unlock access to the future for all.
Schneider Electric releases microgrid solution providing clean power to off-grid communities

Schneider Electric, the leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, announced the launch of its microgrid solution Villaya Flex at the Alliance for Rural Electrification Energy Access Investment Forum 2024. The International Energy Agency estimates that 756 million people globally live without electricity, hindering economic and human development. Ensuring access to clean and affordable energy is one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and particularly relevant to sub-Saharan Africa, where an estimated 80% of people without access to electricity live. Villaya Flex is a packaged microgrid solution that maximizes clean energy while reducing pollution from genset usage. It was specially designed for communities, facilitating the journey toward decarbonized, independent electricity while meeting today's energy challenges. The solution can be sized, ordered, commissioned, operated, and maintained easily with high levels of battery storage scalability. It includes the following components:
  • All-in-one hybrid power conversion Unit. 50/100 kVA bidirectional hybrid power conversion unit.
  • Battery storage. Capture and store onsite generation to drive resilience, sustainability, and efficiency.
  • Energy control center. A centralized panel to manage multiple energy sources into an intelligent power management system.
  • Advanced and cyber secure easy-to-use digital monitoring platform:
  • EcoStruxure™ Microgrid Advisor (energy production management).
  • EcoStruxure™ Energy Access Expert (demand-side management).
  • EcoStruxure™ Microgrid Build (system design simplification).
“Villaya Flex is a renewable energy solution that provides energy access as a more sustainable and affordable option for off-grid communities “, said Bala Vinayagam, SVP Microgrid Line of Business, Schneider Electric. “This solution is designed for off-grid communities and remote villages facing energy shortages, limited access to electricity, and high fuel costs.” With it, Schneider expands its portfolio of products and solutions that aim to help reach the UN’s 2030 target of universal access to energy.

“Schneider Electric is here to engage in advancing investments for renewable electrification, sustainable electricity access, climate action, and addressing energy skills challenges," said Albert Fuchet, Global VP of Access to Energy, Schneider Electric. “Additionally, the company aims to explore opportunities to collaborate with both the private and public sectors to drive a sustainable and inclusive energy transition, unlocking sustainable access to the future for all.”

Schneider Electric will also showcase a range of innovative solutions to expand energy access. Its experts will speak on key topics such as catalyzing investments for renewable electrification, decentralizing the renewable energy sector, and accelerating the clean energy transition across sub-Saharan Africa. As an Impact company, Schneider Electric is committed to bridging progress and sustainability for all. Through its Access to Energy program, established in 2009, Schneider Electric aims to connect 50 million people globally to clean and reliable energy by 2025.

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