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iLOQ sparking the smart locking revolution

iLOQ is the industry-leading innovator of battery-free digital access management solutions with a strong portfolio of safe and sustainable products that have been designed to make life easier.
iLOQ sparking the smart locking revolution

The power to change lives – for the better

iLOQ has never been short on attitude or ambition. From the very beginning, some 20 years ago, it has been crystal clear the company has something in its hands that has the potential to change the world as we see it. This is how we choose to conduct our business every day. We are freedom fighters on a quest for a life made limitless.what that means at iLOQ is that everyone shares a strong belief that it is their duty to make this innovation available to the world. Every single door and gate in the world, from your apartment door to the padlock securing the perimeter of a major industrial facility, deserves an iLOQ. Our purpose simply states “Making life accessible” and that’s exactly what we intend to do for everyone.

Our weapons of choice: Ideas and innovation
To this day, iLOQ’s goal remains the same. In a rapidly developing world this means that we need to continue to develop groundbreaking digital solutions that offer people, businesses and organizations freedom from the security risks, inflexibility and high lifecycle costs related to mechanical locks and keys building the smart cities of the future. The reach of our innovations is no longer limited to smart access. We see the infinite possibilities to interface with and positively affect all facets of everyday life through collaboration and integration with other smart systems in our lives. “Every single door in the world deserves an iLOQ. To provide long-term value to all different stakeholders, from direct customers and the end users of their solutions all the way to the employees, partners, and investors, we need to ensure that we never stop innovation around our smart living solution and tirelessly continue spreading awareness of its benefits to everyone involved. There is great power in iLOQ’s 300 strong portfolio of patents and that number is only going to grow.

On a mission: Sustainable digital solutions

Our battery-free solutions not only make life easier for users and minimize maintenance costs but also reduce environmental impact by annually saving more than 300,000 kg of battery waste. To put that into context, this means 13 million AA batteries each year. Since 2008, it is calculated that iLOQ has saved the world from more than 200 million single use batteries, which equates to more than 4.5 million kg of battery waste. These numbers are truly eye-opening, aren’t they? iLOQ has saved the world from more than 200 million single-use AA batteries in the last 20 years. From the very beginning, iLOQ has believed that building a future-proof business and long-term success requires being born both digital and sustainable. That is exactly what the company is, and what they stand for. Our 360° ESG strategy is an integrated part of iLOQ’s business strategy. The two simply cannot exist as separate entities. Today, we view ourselves as fearless visionaries that imagine a world where locked doors are not obstacles, but rather opportunities. We are actively driving digital transformation in locking and forcing the industry to take notice and react. iLOQ gives every employee and partner the opportunity and responsibility to do their part in turning this vision of leadership into reality. We strongly believe that with iLOQ, you can truly lead a limitless life .

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