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Hermetic, modular, and certified: the new GEZE MCRdrive sliding door system

With the GEZE MCRDdrive, GEZE presents a new, modular sliding door system designed specifically for use in building areas with hermetic airtight sealing requirements.

Hermetic, modular, and certified: the new GEZE MCRdrive sliding door system

The system meets air-tightness requirements for interior doors according to DIN EN 12207 and provides sound insulation conforming to the statutory requirements. With an innovative overall concept, the GEZE MCRdrive sliding door system offers maximum customisation options, simple installation, in addition to an appealing design with functional product safety.

Highest standard classifications for rooms with special functions
Building areas that have to be protected against airborne germs pose a unique challenge – particularly at neuralgic points in entryway areas. This is true for operating rooms and ICU areas in hospitals, laboratories or clean rooms in research institutions, as well as in the food and chemical industries. With the new GEZE MCRdrive sliding door system, the Leonberg-based systems provider is launching a solution that complies with hygiene requirements in accordance with DIN EN 12207. In addition, the doors can be opened using a floor sensor control unit, push button or movement detector, so that the highest hygiene requirements can be met for activation as well. In addition, the system meets the noise protection specifications of DIN EN 4109. The system has a DIN 18650 / EN 16005 statement of approval and radiation protection with lead inserts according to DIN 6834-1.

Hermetic, modular, and certified: the new GEZE MCRdrive sliding door system

Optimised for hospital operation – designed for versatility
The GEZE MCRdrive offers functional product safety thanks to standard conformity and a certified overall system, including a full circumference sealing system with sealing corners. A hermetic seal is created by lowering and pressing the door leaf against the frame structure. The opening widths are optimised for hospital operation and range from 800 to a maximum of 2,500 millimetres. With a maximum movable leaf weight of 200 kilograms, glass, HPL and stainless steel versions are available.

Customisable to meet customer needs
The new GEZE MCRdrive is modular, and consists of the GEZE MCRdrive drive unit and the GEZE MCRdrive leaf system. This modular design allows for the maximum level of customisation, and allows the customer to select their level of service: the comprehensive GEZE MCRdrive system, the GEZE MCRdrive drive kit or optional auxiliary components. Architects and planners can thus respond to the specific demands of the installation situation. A sophisticated profile system can be used to create narrow contours and large glass surfaces. Because of this, the GEZE MCRdrive also meets the requirements of buildings with modern and sophisticated design concepts.

Simple installation and operation
A simple product concept guarantees ease of ordering and processing. Thanks to assembly tolerances, the GEZE MCRdrive can also be installed quickly. The sliding door system can be integrated into the building automation via the open BACnet standard, and it can be easily configured with a configuration tool.

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