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MOBOTIX AG Wins the GIT SECURITY AWARD 2024 for Fire Protection

The award was given for the MOBOTIX M73 VGA thermal camera and the recently launched MOBOTIX Thermal Validation App. The solution detects fires in the early stage of development and minimizes false alarms.

MOBOTIX AG Wins the GIT SECURITY AWARD 2024 for Fire Protection

MOBOTIX is the first video system manufacturer with five fire protection certificates issued from internationally recognized institutions. MOBOTIX solutions are certified by the German VdS (Verband Schadenverhütung GmbH), the French National Center for Prevention and Protection (CNPP), the Spanish APPLUS Laboratories according to the RIPCI standard, and the Austrian Federal Fire Brigade Association (PBST) and MOBOTIX solutions meet the European EU standard EN 54-10 making MOBOTIX video thermal systems leaders in fire protection systems.

Minimize false alarms - detect a fire before the flames occur
"MOBOTIX thermal cameras act in fire protection where other systems do not work at all or only partially. This opens up new possibilities for fire protection specialists and expands the scenarios for protecting people and property," emphasizes MOBOTIX CTO Christian Cabirol. "For example, MOBOTIX video systems are much easier to install than line-type heat detectors and work outdoors. In addition, the system can react faster than conventional systems. Heat is detected - for example, in large halls - before heat rises to the ceiling. Unlike aspirating smoke detectors, MOBOTIX thermal technology does not rely on smoke to detect flames. With the Thermal Validation App, which we developed, we created a game changer for numerous application areas! For example, when used in a waste disposal and recycling operation, the app detects when excavators or trucks are in the monitored scene and does not trigger false alarms when hot exhaust systems or vehicle body parts exceed temperature limits."

"We have expanded our fire protection expertise in recent years, which is confirmed by the GIT SECURITY Award 2024. This makes us proud. The certification of the renowned testing institutes shows our outstanding fire protection competence. In addition, the many positive experiences of users prove that we are on the right track. Nevertheless, we want to continuously develop further to detect fires even more reliably and quickly," says MOBOTIX CTO Christian Cabirol. "In the event of a fire, every second counts. The faster our customers respond, the more protection we can offer and the lower the risk to life and property. This is our daily drive to push the technology even further."

Fire protection as a global growth market
“Market research companies (such as Marketandmarkets and Blue Weave Consulting) forecast global growth of 4.6-6.6% over the next five years, leading to a total market volume of up to $150 billion. Added to the fact that government fire-protecting regulations are increasing worldwide, the market growth reinforces our focus on providing application-oriented solutions," concludes MOBOTIX CSMO Phil Antoniou.

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