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myGEZE Control: the next generation networking solution

With the new, modular myGEZE Control platform, GEZE is able to integrate door, window and safety technology into the many different areas of building management. The new networking solution supports operators, facility managers, and security service personnel in efficient building operations.

myGEZE Control: the next generation networking solution

Standards for building function and control capabilities have increased greatly, especially in the areas of energy efficiency and sustainability. On the one hand, buildings need to fulfil ever more extensive specifications and stricter laws to lower the real estate and residential sector's share in the production of CO2, which is harmful to the climate. Building users, on the other hand, increasingly value spaces with natural ventilation and natural lighting, which in turn impact fire protection and building safety. This results in scenarios that pose complex challenges for building management.

New networking solutions from GEZE offer support in such scenarios, as well as those involving access-restricted areas, accessibility, fire protection or emergency exit protection. A large number of components and scenarios must interact in order to ensure, for example, that offices are always air-conditioned and ventilated optimally. Because of this, architects and planners today favour natural air-conditioning via night-time cooling, helping to create a good indoor climate at the start of the day. The façade can react to changing exterior or framework conditions using sensors for heat, wind or light, automatically extending a shade or opening and closing windows independently, depending on the outside temperature. At the same time, however, users must also be able to open or close windows themselves.

Simplifying work for facility managers and safety officers
In everyday work, myGEZE Control greatly simplifies all processes and procedures involved in modern building management. “Instead of inspecting the building on foot for hours at a time and checking whether all doors and windows are closed, caretakers or security service personnel can easily complete their work with a tablet, thanks to myGEZE Control” says the GEZE expert. “This gives them an overview of all of the doors and windows, placing them in a position to see where systems are not yet closed, or where the lighting is still switched on.” Users can use the central control unit on a device to trigger a scenario and put the building in secure night mode, all with a simple click. The platform also detects, for example, if cleaning personnel are still in the building. It can program an automatic timer function that will re-activate night mode again later on. “This saves a lot of time – and cash!”

Services for architects and planners: GEZE provides advice and support for project management
Whether simple solutions for facility management or complex automation solutions for building safety are needed – GEZE supports its customers right from the start.

myGEZE Control builds on components from prestigious automation specialist Beckhoff Automation, and can be integrated into building management, danger management and CAFM systems from any manufacturer. Thanks to standardised BACnet project management, this is possible regardless of the service providers or building management product used. In addition, stand-alone visualisation solutions for GEZE product systems are made possible by the myGEZE Visu software option.

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