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CAREL’s new controller for compact compressor racks

The new control system for condensing units and compact compressor racks will be launched at a free webinar on 13 December.

CAREL’s new controller for compact compressor racks

CAREL will be presenting the new µRack, the complete solution for compact and efficient compressor racks that offers a complete set of functions for controlling small condensing units and compressor racks, ensuring reliability, efficiency and ease of use, in a dedicated webinar at 10 am (CET) on 13 December.

The webinar will include a complete description of the features of this innovative product, which exploits CAREL’s extensive experience in refrigeration controllers and offers all the benefits of the latest-generation connectivity. With Bluetooth and NFC included as standard, µRack offers the opportunity to use interface the unit with a smartphone via the CAREL Applica app, making configuration easy and intuitive.

During the session, details will be provided on the generic functions available to users for versatile operation of the controller, as well as and above all on the options designed to obtain the maximum energy savings, such as floating condensing control, fan modulation and compressor speed control.

Another distinctive feature of the entire range of Rack controllers is the built-in BMS port, allowing connection to CAREL supervisory systems for remote monitoring and performance optimisation throughout the entire system life cycle. Finally, the RED optimise cloud platform offers the possibility to log the operating data acquired, simplifying maintenance, diagnosing any malfunctions and measuring energy savings.

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