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Veridify introduces DOME Sentry, first device-level cybersecurity solution for buildings

Zero Trust solution retrofits to protect existing building automation devices.

Veridify introduces DOME™ Sentry, first device-level cybersecurity solution for buildings

Veridify Security, the leading provider of cybersecurity solutions for Building Automation Systems and the Industrial IoT, announces the release of DOME™ Sentry, part of the company's DOME SaaS Cybersecurity Platform, along with a starter kit that immediately protects devices to the edge of a building's network. DOME Sentry, developed with Intel and AWS, is designed to complement existing installed building systems and delivers the industry's only real-time NIST-compliant Zero Trust solution to every device on a buildings' Operational Technology (OT) network.

DOME creates a VPN-like tunnel over an existing network, authenticates all parties, and encrypts all data to stop attacks before they can happen, unlike other solutions that provide visibility, monitoring, and alerting for possible issues. DOME provides solutions for both OEMs and System Integrators to protect a wide range of buildings and facilities. The first generation of DOME Sentry, piloted in commercial, public, and DoD facilities, supports BACnet/IP networks. Future versions will support BACnet MS/TP and other common building and industrial communication protocols.

Veridify introduces DOME™ Sentry, first device-level cybersecurity solution for buildings

The DOME Cybersecurity Starter Kit is available through Arrow Electronics and includes two DOME Sentry devices, a DOME Interface Appliance, and a subscription to DOME's SaaS Control Dashboard. The DOME portfolio includes:

  • DOME Sentry – a security appliance that is used to protect devices such as system controllers, sensors, switches, and actuators.
  • Dome Interface Appliance – a local management device that enables automatic, fast, and secure installation of DOME Sentry devices, and the collection of alerts and data logs used by the DOME Server for reporting and management functions.
  • DOME Server – cloud platform providing a dashboard for the building's security operations, including device visibility, data logging, analytics, and alerts.
  • DOME Client – software libraries that can be integrated in OEM devices to provide built-in security for new or upgraded devices similar to DOME Sentry.

Veridify's DOME solution provides immediate protection against cyber attacks, with each DOME Sentry taking under one minute to onboard to an existing network, and without the need for a persistent cloud connection – a requirement for many US federal government and DoD buildings. Once installed, DOME actively stops attacks from harming a building system by requiring that all commands originate from an authenticated source using a NIST-compliant Zero Trust model.

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