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Siemon and Igor Formalize Smart Building Ecosystem Partnership and Synergize Market Strategy

Siemon, a leading global network infrastructure specialist, and Igor, Inc., a leading provider of power-over-Ethernet (PoE)-based IoT smart building solutions, are pleased to announce that they have expanded their partnership within the smart building partner ecosystem to better meet customer needs and expand opportunities in the growing smart building market.

Siemon and Igor Formalize Smart Building Ecosystem Partnership and Synergize Market Strategy

Igor’s smart building platform, Nexos, is a fully integrated PoE communications platform that connects devices, fixtures and systems into one centralized system for granular control, analytics and actionable intelligence. The platform includes PoE-enabled IP-based network nodes that act as intelligent hubs for building system devices, providing an interface for transmitting both power and data.

Siemon’s ConvergeIT Cabling Solutions for Intelligent Buildings includes advanced cabling solutions that provide superior reliability for delivering PoE power and connectivity to Igor nodes and other smart building devices. Together, Siemon and Igor solutions form reliable digital building infrastructure for building owners and operators to leverage the benefits of PoE and seamlessly integrate multiple building systems for significant cost savings, sustainability and overall improved building occupant experience.

“Siemon and Igor have a long history of working together on a variety of smart building projects, and it was important to formalize our partnership in a way that creates a more harmonious, collaborative effort and allows us to provide innovative turnkey solutions that deliver greater value to our customers,”
says Bob Allan, Siemon’s global intelligent building solutions specialist.

“We understand the importance of a robust cabling infrastructure to connect and deliver reliable PoE to our Nexos nodes for supporting a wide variety of smart building devices. With a global commitment to customers and the industry, we are excited to grow our relationship with Siemon that will open greater opportunity to deploy smart building systems together around the world,”
says Dwight Stewart, founder, president and interim CEO for Igor.

The expanded Siemon-Igor partnership is based on a memorandum of understanding that includes synergistic marketing, sales and support strategy and a roadmap that aligns with the evolving smart building industry and provides customers with access to expert knowledge and resources. To learn more about how Siemon and Igor together provide greater value to customers, read our latest case study on how PoE Lighting Improves Firefighter Preparedness and Response.”

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