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Huawei and Meltron launch collaboration to introduce a new digital approach to boost sustainable development of cities worldwide

Huawei Technologies Oy and Meltron Oy have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding and agreed a plan to introduce an ambitious solution which combines and integrates the strengths of the cutting-edge ICT technologies offered by Huawei and the superior Meltron lighting solutions.

Huawei and Meltron launch collaboration to introduce a new digital approach to boost sustainable development of cities worldwide

Comprehensive ICT solutions with zero carbon emissions, combined with resilient and superior light applications for smart cities, will equip cities for the increasingly digitalised and sustainable world.

Under the traditional approaches, lighting solutions have not been fully integrated to the data and communication network. In the new world, however, lighting becomes a vital part of the infrastructure. The new and converged technology and architectural design will change the city management approach by the implementation of climate neutral, zero-carbon ICT solutions meeting the expectations of future. This unique and combined offering will also represent a strong statement by both Huawei and Meltron in relation to the global drive for long term sustainability and safety in the infrastructure space.

”This is an excellent example of a highly successful Huawei collaboration with a leading Finnish technology company to be able to introduce a totally unique solution to the modern society”, says Ye Feiwei, the Country Manager and CEO of Huawei Technologies in Finland.

“I am happy that we can take part in the digital journey based on the exceptional partnership with Meltron. This can bring significant value to the concept of a truly holistic smart city solution presented by Huawei. Together we can light up the cities offering the unique solutions based on the cutting-edge ICT as the key enabler for cities to address rising challenges in a smart manner. Our goal is to bring a new value to cities worldwide, ensuring more efficient city management and sustainable development and improving living experience,” explains Małgorzata Pawłowicz, the Government Industry Expert, Huawei CEE & Nordic region.

“This is a true breakthrough and recognition for Meltron’s exceptional technology in the increasingly important and fast growing global lighting and infrastructure space. Huawei is a true global technology leader and we are truly honored to work with them. This cooperation will be a true game-changer immediately elevating both Huawei and Meltron to a new thought and design-leadership level in the fast-growing global business for sustainable infrastructure. We will offer a set of completely new and value- adding solutions to our customers on a global basis” says Ville Sistonen, the CEO of Meltron.

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