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Sicoob branches get a Ditec upgrade

Sicoob, southern Brazil’s main bank, chooses our automation systems for Ditec DAS107PLUS sliding doors and Ditec DAB105 and Ditec SPRINT swinging doors.

Sicoob branches get a Ditec upgrade

The leaders of Banca Sicoob, the main financial institution in the south of Brazil, with 231 branches, asked a Ditec installer to produce the new entrance in Caxias do Sul as part of a programme to renovate its branches.

This resulted in automating the exterior pedestrian door with Ditec DAS107PLUS and TBO anti-panic system.

Ditec DAS107PLUS allows a drastic reduction in installation times, guaranteeing simple, effective assembly involving few components and configuration steps, thanks to the automatic self-learning start-up mode. The high-performance electromechanical operating unit for doors up to 160 kg is certified and tested by TÜV SÜD, for 1 million cycles. At a height of just 120 mm, it’s the ideal solution for a slim installation aesthetically in line with any setting.

Service environments were instead equipped using the Ditec DAB105 and Ditec SPRINT solutions for swinging doors with automatic activation sensors, touchless buttons or elbow pushbuttons, to ensure greater safety.

With Ditec automatic access systems, it’s possible to enter and leave without touching handles, pushbuttons or switches… No more risk of transmitting disease with Ditec!

The work was coordinated by our local distribution partner Arcomatic; thanks to the quality of the product installed and the installation and maintenance service, it was awarded the task of renovating the other branches of the Bank in the future as well.

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