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Making data visible and usable.


From scene to screen

The use of data to improve safety, security and business decisions has become increasingly important to the market and continues to grow. Now, Bosch has introduced a software solution called ‘Intelligent Insights’ that enables customers to use data in new ways. The new software solution aggregates and visualizes metadata of one or multiple cameras in intuitive widgets to easily evaluate a complete scene.

Making data visible and usable

Intelligent Insights makes use of Bosch cameras’ built-in Video Analytics to interpret video images and collect metadata from cameras. This is collected, aggregated, and displayed using a series of pre-defined widgets to visualize the data. Intelligent Insights enables users to easily evaluate a complete scene covered by multiple cameras. Situations involving data of moving objects, counting data, and crowds captured by multiple cameras can be visualized in real-time. This facilitates the fast evaluation of generated data and provides a complete understanding of the situation. Based on this, users can react faster and more efficiently, taking better informed decisions and improving overall security and safety.

Intelligent Insights brings together every element from scene to screen; from intelligent cameras enabling video data capture and interpretation, to the visualization and reporting of data in one simple overview.

Usable data delivered in two ways

Intelligent Insights allows information to be visualized in two ways: as a widget and as a report. The widgets are able to display situations in live view or in time periods of 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 12 hours or 24 hours. All widgets are displayed in a simple, easy-to-read dashboard that allows users to select and display only the widgets that they need at any given time.

In addition, there is a report function for detailed post-analysis. It helps the user to adjust and alter actions in the future. This report data can either be directly visualized in diagrams, or exported in a user-defined file format to be used further.

A full suite of capabilities

Intelligent Insights comes with a series of widgets, all of which contribute to specific safety and security needs. Area fill level, Occupancy counting, and Crowd detection offer the ability to accurately monitor and detect crowds and count individuals and objects. The user can specify a desired occupancy rate of an area by determining the maximum number of people allowed to be in that area within a given time. In particular, Area fill level and Occupancy counting are becoming increasingly applicable as they can activate and trigger an external output device when the threshold is reached. This is very helpful when considering public health issues like the rapid spread of viruses such as COVID-19, in locations that have the potential to attract large numbers of people.

Intelligent Insights also offers Object counting and People counting. Object counting enables users to accurately count the number of vehicles or customer-defined objects. People counting is used to count individuals, for example when entering or leaving a building. These widgets are especially helpful to identify peak and low times on specific days or over a longer period of time – either with the historical view or with the report functionality.

With the Object positioning widget, users can get a real-time overview of all objects that are moving in an area. Based on their GPS position, which can be determined by cameras that feature built-in Video Analytics, the objects are plotted onto a map and classified in the form of icons.

A solution that grows with user’s needs

Intelligent Insights starts with a basic license that includes all widgets and one dashboard, which is able to display 16 widgets and can be further customized. When needed, dashboards and widgets can be added according to customer needs and requirements. Furthermore, when customers make use of Bosch Intelligent Video Analytics, output and data from the Camera Trainer technology (included in Intelligent Video Analytics) like counting statistics of customer-specific objects can be visualized and reported as well. All this, combined with new widgets and functionalities that will be incorporated in future updates and versions, makes Intelligent Insights a future-proof solution.

Add BVMS for the complete picture

Intelligent Insights is a powerful standalone software package, while also designed for seamless integration. When integrated with BVMS, users can manage their live and recorded video streams and Intelligent Insights data within one unified GUI. This powerful integration eliminates the need to switch between multiple applications to get a complete picture of the situation. Another advantage of the integration with BVMS is that customers can enhance their video security solution, so it becomes an integrated security solution that also covers intrusion detection with B and G Series and access control management with Access Management System 3.0.

High level of data security and privacy protection

Data security and privacy protection have always been a key part of Bosch’s security solutions. Intelligent Insights uses only anonymous data from cameras, ensuring people’s privacy is protected at all times from scene to screen. All the communication between the cameras and the Intelligent Insight web interface is secured via TLS 1.3, which encrypts the transmitted data at the highest levels.

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