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New Tilted Diamond+ signal lamp series

The signal lamps from the new Tilted Diamond+ series developed by RAFI together with renowned product designer Luigi Colani are characterized by special brightness, impact resistance, low maintenance properties, and an exceptional lens design. The name Tilted Diamond refers to the diamond-shaped lenses in the bezel which create a unique scattered light effect.

Danfoss News

CO₂ made easy for small format stores: Introducing the new Danfoss CCMT Light

CO2 is now solidly in the mainstream, having evolved beyond its previous status as a cutting-edge refrigerant. You only have to the look to the food retail sector for proof—where as many as 10,000 supermarkets are switching to transcritical CO2 systems every year. But CO2 isn't only the domain of large-format stores; new and innovative advances in technology are making it increasingly accessible to convenience stores, discount outlets, and the like all over the world.

Carrier News

Carrier Expands TruVu Family of HVAC Controls

Carrier is proud to add two new multi-purpose controllers (MPCs) to their TruVu family of flexible, scalable building controls for the i-Vu® building automation system.

Danfoss News

Danfoss releases “world’s smallest” EEV for small A/C and IT cooling

Danfoss has unveiled what is believed to be the world’s smallest electronic expansion valve (EEV), a mini EEV for small A/C and CRAC units, allowing OEMs to drive greater system efficiency, reliability and quieter operations.

NORD Drivesystems

Cost reduction through efficient energy-saving motors

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS has developed a new synchronous motor with significantly higher energy efficiency (IE5+). It is a supplement to the standardised geared motor variants of the LogiDrive systems and is particularly suitable for reducing the number of variants. This makes the IE5+ synchronous motor particularly suitable for use in intralogistics.


All online: Webcasts, training and consulting

Working at home is something many people are doing right now. That is why Eplan is now offering a number of online services, including webcasts that provide users with specific practical support. The possibility for remote consulting and meeting with consultants via video conference is another new service that Eplan is offering companies – augmented by helpful online training courses from the Eplan Training Academy.


Component carrier now replacing flexible PCBs

Flexible circuit boards offer numerous advantages. However, the mechanical fixation of these circuit boards is highly complex. HARTING has developed a new solution based on 3D-MID technology that is capable of replacing flexible circuit boards. Thanks to component carriers, cost savings of up to two-thirds can be achieved.

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