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Latest onsemi 7th Gen IGBT Modules Simplify Design

Reduce Costs for Renewable Energy Applications QDual3 module offers 10% more power in the same form factor and thermal threshold.
Latest onsemi 7th Gen IGBT Modules Simplify Design

What’s New
The latest onsemi 7th generation 1200V QDual3 Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) power modules offer increased power density and deliver up to 10% more output power than other available competing products. Based on the latest Field Stop 7 (FS7) IGBT technology, the 800-amp (A) QDual3 module delivers industry-leading efficiency to reduce system costs and simplify designs. In a 150KW inverter, the QDual3 module will dissipate 200 watts (W) less in losses compared to the closest competition, significantly reducing heatsink size. QDual3 is engineered to work under harsh conditions and is ideal for high-power electronics converters such as central inverters in solar farms, energy storage systems (ESS), commercial agricultural vehicles (CAVs) and industrial motor drives. Currently, two products are available depending on the applications – the NXH800H120L7QDSG and SNXH800H120L7QDSG.

Why It Matters
Increasing renewable energy adoption amplifies the need for solutions that can manage peak demand and ensure continuous power supply. Peak shaving, the practice of reducing electricity use during peak hours, is essential for maintaining electric grid stability and reducing costs. Using the QDual3 modules, manufacturers can construct a solar inverter and ESS that output more power in the same system size, enabling more efficient energy management and storage capabilities, and allowing for a smoother integration of solar power into the grid. The modules also mitigate the intermittency of solar energy by storing excess power in an ESS, ensuring a reliable and consistent energy flow. For large systems, the modules can be paralleled to increase the output power up to a couple of MWs and compared to traditional 600 A module solutions, the 800 A QDual3 significantly reduces the module quantity, greatly simplifying design complexity and cutting system costs.

How It Works
The QDual3 IGBTs module features an 800 A half-bridge configuration that integrates the latest Gen7 trench Field Stop IGBT and diode technology using onsemi’s advanced packaging techniques to reduce switching and conduction losses. With FS7 technology, the die size is reduced by 30%, allowing more die per module, increasing the power density to enable the maximum current capacity up to 800 A or higher. With an IGBT Vce(sat) as low as 1.75V (175°C) and low Eoff, the 800 A QDual3 module dissipates 10% lower energy losses than the next-best alternative. The modules also meet the stringent standards required of an automotive application.

“Increased electrification of commercial fleets such as trucks and busses and the need of renewable energy sources demand solutions that can generate, store and distribute power more efficiently. Transferring energy from renewable sources to the grid, storage systems and to downstream loads with the lowest power losses possible is increasingly critical,” said Sravan Vanaparthy, vice president, Industrial Power Division, Power Solutions Group, onsemi. “With its industry-standard pin-out and market-leading efficiencies, QDual3 enables power electronics designers to plug and play these modules for an immediate performance boost in their systems.

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