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JUICE ULTRA 2 battery

Simply revolutionary: DC charging without installation work.

JUICE ULTRA 2 battery

The JUICE ULTRA 2 battery is also available with two battery units offering a combined capacity of 466 kWh. / Juice Technology AG.

Juice Technology AG – manufacturer of charging stations and software, leader in mobile charging stations for electric vehicles – presents the DC fast charging station JUICE ULTRA 2 battery. This innovative new product is available now in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France and Spain.

Rapid DC charging without network expansion or additional installation has now become a reality. Simply connect the JUICE ULTRA 2 battery to a red CEE32 industrial socket to benefit from rapid charging with up to 210 kW. The 233-kWh battery offers sufficient capacity for six normal charging operations as standard and is rapidly recharged once depleted. A 466-kWh version is also available for power users. With the JUICE ULTRA 2 battery, fast charging is now just as easy and flexible as charging with a JUICE BOOSTER.

Install, connect, charge
Where DC charging stations previously involved major construction projects, the JUICE ULTRA 2 battery merely requires a level installation surface. The device can be set up, connected to the mains and made ready for use in just one hour. Any red industrial socket can be used for this purpose, though a CEE32, CEE63 or CEE125 outlet is preferable.

The JUICE ULTRA 2 battery features a power output of 210 kW, which can be spread across two CCS charging points thanks to the intelligent load distribution. The product is available either with one battery unit offering a storage capacity of 233 kWh or with two battery units boasting a combined capacity of 466 kWh.

JUICE ULTRA 2 battery
The JUICE ULTRA 2 battery enables high charging performance despite low mains connection power. The load on the mains is reduced to a minimum / Juice Technology AG.

High charging capacity with low input power
The integrated energy storage system with lithium-ion batteries is controlled by a powerful energy management system (EMS), which can be operated both locally and via remote access. This EMS coordinates the flow of energy between the grid, battery and electric vehicles to ensure optimum energy distribution.

The continuous electricity supply to the batteries achieves a high charging capacity despite the low mains input power. At the same time, the load on the network is kept to a minimum, which in turn results in significantly lower fees from the grid operator. All this adds up to significantly more cost-efficient operation than with conventional DC fast-charging stations. The battery pays for itself after just 18 to 24 months, meaning that it is effectively included free of charge when compared to the costs of a traditional DC charger.

“Since the JUICE ULTRA 2 battery is much more cost-effective than conventional DC solutions, demand for the product is very high. Interested parties should therefore place their orders as soon as possible, as delivery times are increasing all the time,” warns Christoph Erni, founder and CEO of Juice.

Flexible charging with stored solar power
You can now charge an entire vehicle fleet with solar power. Thanks to its intelligent energy management, the innovative solution can be easily combined with existing PV systems. A credit card terminal is also available for straightforward payment processing. In addition, a 19” touchscreen ensures maximum usability. With its space-saving design, the JUICE ULTRA 2 battery is ideal for flexible use in parking areas, while its quiet operation makes it the perfect choice for quick top-up charging.

JUICE ULTRA 2 battery
All you need is a red CEE32 industrial socket and the JUICE ULTRA 2 battery enables fast charging with up to 210 kW / Juice Technology AG.

The JUICE ULTRA 2 battery – the facts at a glance:

  • Superfast installation: The JUICE ULTRA 2 battery can be connected directly to a standard CEE32 industrial socket without the need for elaborate construction work, while a CEE125 or CEE63 socket can also be used to enable faster, consecutive charging of a greater number of vehicles.
  • Avoidance of load peaks: The JUICE ULTRA 2 battery helps to prevent load peaks, which would otherwise incur costs payable to the network operator. The battery is charged continuously throughout the day or only at off-peak times when significant cost savings can be achieved.
  • Solar-powered charging: The clever energy management system of the JUICE ULTRA 2 battery allows electricity from PV systems to be stored and used for charging electric vehicles without the need for additional installations. The generated solar power is first used for internal consumption within the building before being utilised to charge the JUICE ULTRA 2 battery. PV surplus charging has never been so simple.

JUICE ULTRA 2 battery
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