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ABB’s InSite system extensions unlock more functions for scalable, flexible and smart energy management in buildings.

InSite Energy management system

ABB has further extended its InSite smart energy and load management system, through new plug-in expansion modules, accessories, and software updates to improve energy efficiency in both sub and final distribution to enable additional use cases.

The InSite energy management system gathers data from field devices through the compact SCU200 central control unit. Plug-in expansion modules can be attached to the control unit to adapt the InSite system to various applications and requirements in sub and final distribution.

It provides energy transparency, remote monitoring, and predictive maintenance with real-time data accessed via a user-friendly InSite web server dashboard or third-party application. InSite energy management system can be scaled from large buildings to homes and enables users to optimize energy usage and achieve full load management, easily integrating electric vehicle (EV) chargers, photovoltaic (PV) systems, utility meters, and more.

InSite Energy management system architecture

New enhancements to the InSite system include a plug-in USB module that, among other functions, enables connection to utility meters and the software update. This provides a greater level of energy monitoring as well as blackout prevention through the ability to adjust or schedule consumption such as reducing or pausing EV charging sessions.

The new energy meter module can now measure higher currents while an added smart auxiliary and signalling contact can read the on and off status of devices for critical applications in hospitals or data centres so that action can be taken in the event of a trip.

InSite Energy management system components overview

In addition, new smart accessories and a new series of power meters have been released and can be connected to InSite:
  • Motor operating devices allow the remote control of the coupled devices and can also be connected to InSite so that they can be switched on and off remotely via the InSite web server directly or through set automation.
  • Auto-reclosing devices automatically switch coupled devices back on in the event of an unwanted trip to ensure continuous operation of systems and appliances, such as refrigerators. For example, if a Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) trips, the Auto-reclosing device will attempt to reset the tripped MCB following a temporary fault or blackout. Integration with the InSite system enables users to receive alerts for recurring faults and monitor all activity via the InSite web server.
  • D1M power meters monitor energy usage of devices connected to InSite and provide energy flow analysis covering comprehensive measurements and full metering capabilities to improve the energy efficiency of the electrical system for any standard application from buildings to industries.
Third-party devices and appliances can be integrated for balancing energy availability and demand to enable customized prioritization of loads. For example, with the new EV charger integration functions, you can choose between time-optimized or energy-efficient charging, maximizing the use of self-generated electricity by prioritizing solar energy over grid power.

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