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Cepsa Launches a New Electric Charging Business for Professional Customers

Cepsa is developing one of the largest electric mobility ecosystems in Spain and Portugal, which can now be used through the Starresa app, Cepsa's system that lets professional customers manage their fleets and make secure payments.

Cepsa Launches a New Electric Charging Business for Professional Customers

Cepsa is expanding its electric charging services to professional customers with a new line of business to facilitate sustainable mobility through a comprehensive and intelligent electric charging solution for all types of companies: from logistics and courier companies to companies in other sectors, including services and industry.

This initiative will allow companies to recharge their fleets both at their own facilities (at work) and at Cepsa Service Stations (on the go), thus offering a complete recharging offer that facilitates the adoption of electric mobility in the professional environment.

Professional customers can access both the network of ultra-fast recharging points installed at Cepsa Service Stations and an interoperable network of more than 5,000 charging stations using the Starresa card, Cepsa's system that lets professional customers manage their fleets and make secure payments. The company already has 130 ultra-fast charging stations installed, located along the main corridors and in major cities, and is making progress in the development of another 330.

In addition, Cepsa can install electric charging stations at its professional customers' headquarters or work centers with customized turnkey projects, so that their fleet of electric vehicles can also be recharged at their own facilities.

Cedric Vigneau, Cepsa's Director of Fleets & CRT, highlighted: "We want to support our professional customers in the decarbonization of their operations with solutions adapted to their needs that contribute to a more sustainable future for everyone. That is why we have created this comprehensive electric mobility solution for professional customers, enabling recharging at their work center and anywhere they need to go in Spain and Portugal, thanks to the extensive coverage of the electric recharging network that we are developing."

In parallel, as part of this new line of business, Cepsa has reached a collaboration agreement with Renault Trucks, which will allow both companies to offer comprehensive sustainable mobility solutions to their clients, including the installation of electric chargers at their operations centers, to facilitate the decarbonization of their activity.

A company committed to sustainable mobility
Cepsa, as part of its 2030 'Positive Motion' strategy, is making progress in different projects with the objective of becoming a reference in the energy transition in this decade. To this end, the company is becoming more focused on the needs of its customers, who also face their own challenges in decarbonization.

The company is looking to lead sustainable mobility in Spain and Portugal by 2030 with the development of the largest electric mobility network. To this end, Cepsa is implementing a wide range of ultra-fast on-road charging systems in both countries. The company is also committed to the development of green molecules (biofuels and green hydrogen) as vectors to decarbonize heavy transport. Cepsa already supplies 100% renewable diesel to professional customers at its service stations and is also working to boost demand for green hydrogen in road transport, for which it has set the target for 2030 of establishing a refueling station every 300 kilometers in the corridors connecting Spain with Europe.

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