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Hikvision launches an innovative 2-wire HD intercom solution

Hikvision has announced the launch of a new 2-wire HD intercom solution, tailored for apartment buildings.

Hikvision launches an innovative 2-wire HD intercom solution

With a focus on high image quality and intuitive features, the solution supports seamless and efficient communications between residents and visitors.

One of the key advantages of Hikvision's 2-wire video intercom system is its compatibility with the wiring topologies commonly found in apartment buildings. Understanding that different buildings have varying wiring configurations, Hikvision has created a system that can be installed easily, without changing the existing setup. This not only saves time and effort but also eliminates the need for additional cabling and associated expenses.

Like other intercom systems, the Hikvision 2-wire HD intercom solution consists of a door station, a video and audio node, a floor shunt, an indoor station, and wiring. However, what truly sets the solution apart is the ability to transmit a larger bandwidth over existing wiring infrastructure. This breakthrough allows for clearer images and more efficient control signal transmission, comparable to IP products.

In addition to enhanced image quality and improved control signals, the 2-wire HD intercom solution offers a user-friendly interface and intuitive features. The system is easy to install and operate, making it accessible to residents of all technical backgrounds.

Clark Ying, intercom product manager at Hikvision, says, "We believe that effective communication is vital for creating safer communities and our 2-wire HD intercom solution reflects our dedication to providing solutions that exceed expectations. We are proud to bring this solution to the market, as it enables seamless and efficient communications between apartment residents and visitors."

Key features of Hikvision's 2-wire HD intercom solution include:

1. Easy retrofits
Upgrading an old intercom system can be complex, but Hikvision's 2-wire video intercom solution is simple to install – regardless of the scale of the project. This is because the existing wiring infrastructure can be reused, resulting in quick and cost-effective installation. Meanwhile, the solution supports multiple wiring topologies and apartment settings, including multi-family topologies, single floor topologies, single building topologies, and multi-building topologies.

2. Plug and play installation
A plug and play process makes installation simple and eliminates the need for complex configurations. The 2-wire HD intercom solution is also easy to use with a streamlined setup process that allows users to connect their mobile phones to the device's Wi-Fi hotspot, and to complete all configurations via the mobile browser – with no need for specialized computer software.

3. High image quality
The system's wider dynamic range (WDR) function and larger field of view delivers exceptional video quality in 2 MP resolution. The WDR technology also supports better image quality in backlighting situations, ensuring that details can still be seen clearly, even where strong light contrast exists. Users of the 2-wire HD intercom solution always experience crystal-clear video from the door station to the indoor station, providing exceptionally clear outdoor visuals.

4. Intuitive controls
The intercom's 7-inch touch screen provides a tablet-like operating experience. Users can effortlessly receive calls and unlock doors using the Hik-Connect App from anywhere, at any time.

5. Easy maintenance
Users can monitor device connection status effortlessly through mobile web, enabling quick problem detection and resolution.

Hikvision's 2-wire HD intercom solution reshapes apartment building communications, blending advanced technology with user-friendly features. The system's exceptional image quality, intuitive controls, seamless installation, and effortless maintenance make it an ideal choice for both residents and property managers.

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