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KNX Awards jury selects 55 nominees in the long-standing competition for the smartest home and building projects. In April 2022, KNX Association started the search for the world's best smart home and smart building KNX projects. The KNX Awards, which are awarded every two years, have firmly established themselves as an institution in the industry.

KNX Association celebrates the winners of the KNX Awards 2022 online on the 27th of September.

The KNX community again showed their innovation, ingenuity and know-how in the implementation of ambitious KNX projects that were handed in. The jury of experts has deliberated and presents 5 nominees in each of the 11 categories. The winners will be revealed at the online KNX Awards celebration on the 27th of September. For a list of all nominees with project details and further updates about the KNX Awards, visit

New categories for innovative use of KNX and project type
The KNX Awards is not new competition; already for the 14th time, KNX Association is setting the stage for the most ambitious KNX projects worldwide. The technical refinement, innovative use of KNX and use of different manufacturers were always regarded more important than the mere size of the project. Despite that, we wanted to make sure installers of the residential sector were not discouraged to show their KNX smart home achievements. That is why the former “International” category has now been split into the Smart Home Award and the Smart Building Award. Another newcomer is the Innovation Award. KNX Association is always looking forward to be ahead with the latest technological advancements in the industry and wanted to reward the KNX projects that do the same. For this edition, the focus of the Innovation Award was on KNX projects where KNX Secure solutions and IoT was implemented.

KNX community now serves as Jury for 2 categories
As it was in the previous editions of the KNX Awards, all nominated projects also have the chance to win a 2nd KNX Award: the People’s Choice Award. The KNX community will have the chance to select their favourite KNX project on our special voting platform. But for the first time, everyone will have the chance to be part of the jury for a brand-new category: the KNX Product Award. A selection of recent KNX products will be presented and visitors of the special voting platform can show their appreciation for the KNX product of their choice. In this way, the winning KNX member can get some extra appreciation for their efforts in developing innovative KNX products. The voting platform is active in the month of August and can be reached at

KNX Awards 2022 chooses once more for digital celebration
In 2020, KNX Association took the opportunity to organise the 1st online edition of the KNX Awards, a decision welcomed by many and viewed by thousands, who could easily attend this high-profile event from the comfort of their own homes. The world is becoming more and more digital, not only in our homes and workplaces, but also in our event experience. That is why, on the 27th of September, the KNX Awards will again be presented online, for the whole world to see. For all those interested to join the online event, it can be followed online via

For more updates on the nominated projects, be sure to visit and keep an eye on our social media channels.

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