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Delta’s M15A/M20A/M30A Flex Attain Synergrid C10/26 Homologation

Delta has announced that its M15A/M20A/M30A Flex solar inverters have attained Synergrid C10/26 homologation. This means that the full range of Delta’s solar string inverters - from the 2.5kW up to the 70kW - can now be used in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Delta’s M15A/M20A/M30A Flex Attain Synergrid C10/26 Homologation
Commenting on the solutions, Patrick Schahl, Product Manager of PVI Business Unit, Delta Electronics EMEA Region, stated: "Delta’s M15A, M20A and M30A Flex have a fan-less design and are cooled exclusively by natural convection. This makes them quiet and ideal for residential and small commercial buildings where low noise is a requirement." He added: "Aside from the technical features, customers value the importance of plant-relevant operating data, to understand their own carbon footprint, for example. Delta has extended the DeltaSolar app functionality and integrated a Wi-Fi module into the inverters that enables a direct connection to a smartphone or a WLAN router."

In addition, Delta’s M30A Flex has now been classified as "RfG type B ready" and can be installed in solar plants above 1 MW. This inverter model is ideally suited to supplementing a very large roof installation of >1MW, but without having to make any concessions to the configuration of inverter power with the PV power.
Delta’s M15A/M20A/M30A Flex solar inverters offer a wide range of benefits, including:

• 3 MPP trackers for 2 module strings each for the M30A (2 MPPT for the M15A/M20A) for more flexibility in PV system design
• Input voltage range 200 to 1000 VDC with maximum voltage
withstand up to 1100 VDC
• Low noise levels (max. 31.6 dB(A) M15A & M20A, max. 46 dB(A) M30A) - perfect for PV installations in inhabited buildings
• Superior thermal performance even in warm ambient temperatures
• Lightweight robust powder coated IP66 housing
• Replaceable AC and DC type 2 surge protection devices
• Data point collection for string monitoring and I-V curve generation
• Arc fault detection and reverse polarity protection
• Anti-PID technology
• Reactive power compensation 24/7

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