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World’s First Antiviral Antibacterial System for Cassette Air Conditioning Units

AiroDoctor launches its patented air purification kit for cassette air conditioners. Integrating an air purifier directly into the air conditioner is a fast an effective way to provide healthy, clean and virus-free air, essential to improve the people’s well-being indoors - whether in the work environment, in public areas, or at home.

World’s First Antiviral Antibacterial System for Cassette Air Conditioning Units

  • Suitable for any cassette AC brand and model
  • Certified and internationally patented UV-A Photocatalytic technology
  • Easy and effortless installation and maintenance
  • Low power consumption with high and long-lasting performance

AiroDoctor® V10P-AC, the world's first air purification kit for cassette AC units, makes it finally possible to effortlessly upgrade air-conditioning systems with a powerful antibacterial and antiviral UV photocatalytic filter. The retrofitting system is designed for easy installation in any ceiling cassettes AC unit. This highly effective and environmentally friendly air purification module ensures clean and healthy indoor air thanks to certified and internationally patented UV-A photocatalysis technology: fan-less, automatic ON/OFF function, low-maintenance and extremely durable with 50,000 operating hours.

Simple retrofitting, purifies the air and keeps the AC clean and bacteria-free
The photocatalysis air purification module is easily mounted externally to the cassette AC unit using the adapter provided. The photocatalysis module is then operated automatically, simultaneously with the ventilation unit, minimally affecting its air-conditioning performance. The air drawn into the unit first passes through the photocatalytic UV filter where it is instantly purified. Once heated or cooled by the air conditioner, the air is now ready to be released back into the environment.

For even more control, the AiroScience® kit is an optional built-in air sensor system to monitor CO2 values, air temperature, relative and absolute humidity, enthalpy and dew point. The modbus interface for integration into common building services systems is also available upon request.

"Our photocatalytic module meets the most stringent indoor air quality requirements. AiroDoctor V10P-AC is a future-oriented and long-term solution to make every aspect of life, education and work safer.”- Carsten Hermann, CEO of ScreenSource GmbH and co-developer AiroDoctor.

Proven, highly effective photocatalysis technology
Like all AiroDoctor® air purification solutions, the V10P-AC photocatalytic module works on the basis of highly effective and hazard-free UV-A photocatalysis, a certified and internationally patented air purification filter. This has been proven to actively decompose 99.9% of pathogens and pollutants using UV-A light from high-power LEDs in combination with a special catalyst made of titanium dioxide (TiO2). Unlike conventional filter methods, the AiroDoctor® photocatalysis module sustainably eliminates and renders harmless viruses, bacteria, harmful gases and other particles that are hazardous to health. A certified ozone-free system, with no harmful by-products generated during the process.

Three questions for Carsten Hermann
Mr. Hermann - with the AiroDoctor® V10P-AC, you were the first company in the world to fill an important market gap. How did the idea for the installation kit come about and how long did the development take?
The development of this retrofit solution is based on our motivation to listen to our customers and build our portfolio around their needs. We started in 2019 with mobile air purification units and have been able to gradually expand our expertise in the field of indoor HVAC systems, as we believe installed systems represent a more effective, long-term but also sustainable solution. There are millions of existing systems in Europe alone - it makes more sense to upgrade them instead of placing additional units everywhere. We know that an extremely large number of companies and facilities have generally left air conditioning systems switched off since the pandemic began, so we looked for a way to be able to safely put them back into operation. Whether it's summer or winter, an air conditioner should always be operational and not become a germ-haven in the process. However, this was already an issue before Covid, but not with the priority we are experiencing now. Development took about four months, based on the finished mobile device, meaning the core technology was already fully polished and field-tested. Behind the photocatalysis unit was about 1.5 years of development work.

Where /in which areas are the installation kits already being used and what is the feedback from users?
We see the solutions in great demand, especially in office buildings as well as retail stores. The feedback confirms our view that existing installations are being retrofitted rather than completely replaced. Installation is extremely easy, so more and more end users are installing directly instead of waiting months for an appointment with a ventilation contractor. We definitely see that employees and customers feel safer.

For which users is the integrated air sensor technology particularly important?
An exciting niche is the food industry, where we have a real impact thanks to our extraordinarily good results against bacteria in the air. Our systems significantly reduce losses in fruit and vegetable cultivation as well as in storage.

Besides, we must not forget that the office environment, for example, offers a higher risk of infection than the school environment. In the office, many people spend hours in the same room, so air purification is particularly important here.

The USPs of the AiroDoctor® installation kit V10P-AC summarized:

  • Suitable for all cassette AC brands and models
  • Simple and effective retrofit, low installation effort
  • Minimal impact on the air conditioning performance
  • Low maintenance and operating costs
  • Sustainable upgrade with at least 50,000 operating hours
  • Environmentally friendly, certified and patented UV-A LED photocatalysis
  • No harmful by-products such as ozone or formaldehyde
  • Active decomposition of 99.9% of pathogens and pollutants
  • Built-in air sensor technology with the AiroScience® kit

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