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Faster time to market with the new Development Kit "RDK2" from Rutronik

The new "RDK2" development kit from Rutronik is a complete solution for firmware and hardware developers. Based on the "RDK2", proof of concepts can be created quickly and the time-to-market of products is accelerated. The modular toolkit uses the PSoC62 microcontroller from Infineon Cypress and provides an excellent solution for applications in the Internet of Things, Industrial IoT (IoT, IIoT), Smart Wearables, and Smart Home.

Faster time to market with the new Development Kit RDK2 from Rutronik

With the new "RDK2" development kit, Rutronik is creating a unique offering to accelerate the pre-development and the market launch of products. The modular toolkit is particularly suitable for the development of proof of concepts. The areas of application are diverse. For example, the board can be used for applications in the areas Internet of Things, Industrial IoT (IoT, IIoT), Smart Wearables, and Smart Home.

"The electronics industry thrives on innovation. That's exactly what we demonstrate at Rutronik. The 'RDK2' has the advantage that the development of products is faster. It offers numerous useful features as well as interfaces and has exceptional flexibility also in terms of application options. All the components we use are available in Rutronik's portfolio," explains Stephan Menze, Head of Global Innovation Management.

The board uses the PSoC62 from Infineon Cypress for this purpose. The microcontroller has a dual-core CPU and is ideal for secure edge computing and cloud applications. The PSoC62 features an integrated power management IC for SMPS and all connected power supplies.

"Infineon welcomes the decision by Rutronik to implement the powerful PsoC62 microcontroller as the core of their newly developed board 'RDK2'. With the PSoC 6 microcontroller family, Infineon offers a platform for IoT applications that enables connectivity, increased computing power, and security at low power consumption as well as cost. We continue to trust Rutronik's service and customer reach and with the 'RDK2' they provide customers with a significant advantage in development," says Susanne Horn, Vice President Distribution Management EMEA at Infineon.

Optimal design for easy handling and high usability
The new and unique butterfly design allows improved handling. That ensures user-friendly access to the Arduino connectors and reduces possible interference from electromagnetic influences, especially with RF IoT Arduino Shields. For testing the analog-to-digital conversion, an integrated potentiometer is available. A special feature is that users have access to all pins of the PSoC62 via the Arduino headers. Additionally, a capacitive sensing technology called Cap Sense is included. It enables a touch surface that serves as a slider.

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