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Teledyne FLIR

ITC Category 1 Thermography Qualification

Teledyne FLIR preparation course for a qualification as a category 1 certified thermographer explains the basics of infrared, how to operate an infrared camera under different conditions and for various purposes, how to appropriately judge a measurement situation in the field and how to identify potential error sources to enable participants to undertake infrared inspections following written guidelines and report the inspection results.

ITC Category 1 Thermography Qualification

In this course covers:

Introduction to thermography
Camera operation
Basic physics of heat
Basics of infrared physics
Thermal pattern recognition and infrared applications
Infrared temperature measurement techniques
Qualitative and quantitative thermography
Inspection routines and reporting
Hands-on laboratory sessions

ITC Category 1 Thermography Qualification


The content of the course complies with the requirements of ISO 18436-7.
Part No.: ITC-CER-5101

Duration: 35-40 hours (4-5 days)

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