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Service Button: Solve Problems at the Push of a Button

To relieve the work pressure, the ISS Digital Transformation team, together with the project leader Roger Gygli developed a simple, yet very efficient solution. A service button. Within seconds, the push of a button triggers a notification, reaching the responsible person who provides the service in demand. The system behind it: the Akenza Platform.

Service Button: Solve Problems at the Push of a Button
Example of a Service Button in the ISS Office.

Small mandates such as an empty ink cartridge or an unorganised meeting room, cost the Customer Service Desk between 10-20 minutes per case. 100’000 calls and 150’000 emails per year. 200 customers and around 800 client-mandates a day. Simone Verbic and her 18 customer service employees at ISS Facility Services worked expeditious and with high accuracy to offer the perfect customer experience. Offering fast and flexible solutions to internal, as well as external logistical requirements and facility management requests.

“With just one functionality the Service Button is the embodiment of simplicity and Customer Experience. You just can’t do anything wrong.” Roger Gygli, Head of Digital Transformation at ISS.

Solutions Built on the Akenza Platform
The Akenza platform allows the system to be scalable and easily manageable, making the process of adding and removing service buttons fast and flexible. As the buttons are programmable through the platform, the notification can be sent to any person, as either an SMS or e-mail, in the form of a custom message. Akenza is therefore responsible for the connection of the sensors using LoRaWAN over the Low Power Network (LPN) provided by Swisscom, the centralisation of the incoming data stream, storing the data in the Cloud and the visualisation of the data available.

The results of this success are palpable. By innovating and digitalising the facility management, the customer service desk team obtained an average additional 8 hours of free time per day, making it possible to invest these in more complex mandates. The entire ticket process of small mandates is completely automated and therefore does not require any time or attention of the customer service staff. This project received a European Customer Centricity Award in the “User Experience” category. Akenza is proud to form part of the project and the work achieved together with ISS and Swisscom!

Click here to read ISS’s blogpost about the case.

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