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The powerful industrial LED driver: OTi DALI 300 watts

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The powerful industrial LED driver: OTi DALI 300 watts

Robust, smart and efficient: the highlight for LED power lighting
Full power for your luminaires: Our new 300-watt LED driver extends the power spectrum of the OTi DALI product family. It’s the perfect choice for both linear industrial lighting, such as trunking systems, and high-bay luminaires.

Large operating range, low energy costs
OTi DALI 300/220-240/1A6 D NFC IND L drivers not only provide more power – they also excel through their extra-long service life of up to 100,000 operating hours while providing maximum flexibility thanks to their 250 to 1550 mA output current range. In addition, more than 96 percent efficiency and their particularly low standby consumption of less than 0.2 watts allow you to reduce energy costs.

Their large operating range of -40 to +60 °C, an integrated current limiter, as well as their high surge resistance make them ideal for even highly challenging applications.

The powerful industrial LED driver: OTi DALI 300 watts

Powerful and smart
OTI DALI 300 IND complies with the DiiA specifications (DALI Parts -251, -252 and -253) and is thus perfectly equipped for smart buildings; relevant data can be read out from any standardized luminaire. This allows you to constantly check the energy consumption as well as your operating and maintenance costs in order to unlock savings potential. Furthermore, both the DALI and the NFC interface make it easy for you to program all the luminaire parameters – it’s quick and simple!

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