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Warm white, cool white, colorful, straight, curved, round

GINOLED Flex: Flexible LED strips for amazingly versatile light design.

Warm white, cool white, colorful, straight, curved, round

Whether for indoor or outdoor applications – in many areas, light is increasingly becoming a crucial design element within sophisticated architectural projects. This time, we would therefore like to present to you a particularly versatile product family from OSRAM that meets the high demands placed on aesthetic linear LED lighting solutions while covering a whole range of aspects which are key for modern and innovative lighting design today.

For lighting planners, OEMs and installers who want to create stylish lighting effects both indoors and outdoors, OSRAM's dimmable GINOLED Flex product family offers many advantages and plenty of design freedom. With these extremely slim and inconspicuous LED strips, very fine and long lines of light can be drawn practically anywhere, elegantly highlighting straight, curved and even round contours.

A dazzling game of lights
It doesn't matter whether these LED strips are used in new buildings, as part of renovation projects or simply as a beautification measure – because thanks to their versatility, flexibility and elegance, they will always make a good impression. In addition, they take up very little space as a light source, which means that the lighting technology itself takes a back seat, while the pure light takes center stage. The result is an impressive lighting effect, which not only elegantly emphasizes architectural details, but also efficiently supports general lighting. On top of that, GINOLED Flex LED strips are also excellent for path lighting in buildings, courtyards and gardens, on facades and on streets and squares. They are even suitable for signage applications.

GINOLED Flex LED strips allow you to unleash your creativity in lighting design. You can install them on straight edges as well as along curved shapes – for example in round staircases, on handrails, in circular or oval coves of light, or on round fountains in outdoor areas. In addition, these up to 8 m long LED strips can be cut at regular intervals, which further increases the scope of their possible applications.

Warm white, cool white, colorful, straight, curved, round

Available in Tunable White and RGB
You also have a free choice of light colors, because these PWM-dimmable GINOLED Flex LED strips are available in two different versions, which also open up a wide design spectrum for you in this area.

GINOLED Flex DIFFUSE Side-Tunable White
As the Tunable White version, GINOLED Flex DIFFUSE Side-TW offers adjustable light temperatures from warm white (2700 K) to cool white (5700 K) with a luminous flux of 400 lm/m for warm white and 420 lm/m for cool white. In this version, the light is emitted sideways.

As the Colormix version, GINOLED Colormix DIFFUSE Flex-TOP offers you a wide range of variable light colors with a luminous flux of 380 lm/m. In this version, the light is emitted upwards.

Additional features and benefits

  • Frosted surface finishing for a diffuse light
  • Ideal for use with OPTOTRONIC 24 W constant-voltage LED drivers
  • Dimmable via PWM (pulse-width modulation)
  • Protection class IP65 for TW and IP67 for RGB
  • No visible individual LED light points, no visible shadows between the LEDs
  • Long lifetime: 50,000 hours
  • 5 year OSRAM guarantee

Areas of application

  • Architectural lighting
  • Accent lighting
  • Interiors
  • Outdoor areas
  • Cove lighting
  • Facade lighting
  • Signage (illuminated advertising)

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