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Smart Buildings Innovator Igor Wins IoT World's 'COVID-19 Innovation' Award

Smart buildings innovator Igor today announced the firm’s Nexos Intelligent Disinfection solution has won the IoT World COVID-19 Innovation Award.

Smart Buildings Innovator Igor Wins IoT World's 'COVID-19 Innovation' Award

The award recognizes companies that demonstrate true innovation in notable ways to adapt to COVID-19. The recognition is a reflection of Igor’s commitment to help business operators and building owners provide safer environments across a variety of needs, including the deployment of safe return-to-work plans.

Nexos Intelligent Disinfection leverages UVC disinfecting lighting with smart building controls to disinfect spaces safely. It is turn-key, allowing for rapid deployment in healthcare, office, school, data center and many other environments. The solution kit provides instant, low-maintenance and automated disinfection via a modular IoT platform.

According to Igor Founder and CTO Dwight Stewart, creating the kitted solution was not without challenges, the most crucial being the UV-C lighting fixture. With the market overrun by untested, unreliably produced UV-C products, Igor felt it was critical to develop its own UV-C lighting fixture to ensure the product was reliable, solid and safe for users – all in time for businesses to begin reopening. From concept to launch, the project was completed in just six weeks.

“Relying on good old-fashioned entrepreneurial drive and determination, we fast-tracked the launch of Nexos Intelligent Disinfection as spaces were beginning to reopen,” said Stewart.

Nexos Intelligent Disinfection is designed to play with other IoT devices to create a more automated approach to building maintenance and to leverage data from those devices to make smarter decisions. The solution integrates with a variety of sensors and other smart devices to disinfect while minimizing human contact and creating an audit trail of data on proactive actions being taken to prevent virus outbreaks.

“Our goal with this particular solution was to help business owners challenged by the novel coronavirus to incorporate a layered approach to disinfection, as advised by healthy building scientists,” explained Stewart. “It’s important to note this is just one of several IoT solutions Igor has built quickly to empower owners to transform their buildings from static assets into data-driven machines. Each of the solutions in the Nexos smart-buildings suite allows companies to deploy strategies quickly, efficiently and in a way that provides for strong, real-time analytics. We’re excited IoT World saw the possibilities of Nexos to address COVID-19 and to scale out to other use cases.”

Smart Buildings Innovator Igor Wins IoT World's 'COVID-19 Innovation' Award

Winners were announced on August 12th during the IoT World Virtual Event. Igor was one of three IoT World finalists, including Carrier and Zyfra. Igor accepted the award via video during the ceremony.

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