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Delta and Eltek to Showcase Energy-Saving Solutions for ICT and Energy Infrastructure at the SÄHKÖ VALO TELE AV EXHIBITION 2020

Delta, a global leader in power and thermal management solutions, together with its subsidiary Eltek, will be presenting energy-efficient telecom power solutions and electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions at this year’s SÄHKÖ VALO TELE AV EXHIBITION in Jyväskylä, Finland. The showcase will feature Delta’s 150kW Ultra-Fast EV Charger, which has the capability to recharge 4 EVs at the same time, as well as the new 22kW-output power AC MAX EV charger. New 400V high-voltage DC telecom power systems, which can offer telecom carriers and data centre operators energy savings up to 20 % will also be a key highlight.By participating in the show, Delta is underscoring its commitment to delivering smart green solutions throughout Scandinavia.

Theme of the Joint Exhibit: Stronger Together

“When you combine the extensive Delta product catalog for telecom and data centers with the power conversion expertise of Eltek, you get complete solutions and very compelling value propositions,” said Andreas Grewing, senior director & head of Telecom Power Solutions, Delta Electronics EMEA Region. “Eltek has been part of the Delta Group for nearly half a decade now. With the company’s headquarter in Norway, there was already a strong presence in the Nordic countries. By combining our offerings, we can now offer both Delta and Eltek customers more complete solutions than ever before. We’re focusing on demonstrating our offerings for telecommunications and EV charging infrastructure in Finland this year.”

Efficient EV Charging Infrastructure
Operators of EV charging infrastructure certainly stand to benefit from Delta’s advances in charging technologies. But economic factors also play an important role when designing, installing, and operating EV charging stations. That’s why Delta, one of the leading providers of EV charging infrastructure in the Nordic countries, is focusing on total solutions to help operators optimize charging service and energy efficiency.

The growing popularity of EVs is creating demand for more charging stations. Delta is well-positioned to supply this demand with its complete portfolio of EV charging infrastructure solutions including renewable power generation, power conditioning systems (PCS), battery energy storage systems, and management system. One of the biggest highlights in Jyväskylä will be the 150kW DC Ultra-Fast EV Charger from Delta, which offers the ability to charge four EVs simultaneously. At stations equipped with this Ultra-Fast Charger, drivers can get an additional 100km of range in just ten minutes. In addition to the Ultra-Fast Charger, Delta is also presenting the 3-phase AC MAX smart AC charger with up to 22 kW output. With built-in wireless network connectivity and a compact design, this model can be managed remotely and is well-suited to sites where only limited space is available. Furthermore, Delta will be showcasing its DC Wallbox. This highly efficient (94%) and rugged outdoor charger is designed to withstand any weather including Nordic winters.

The PCS100 power conditioning system from Delta is a 100kW bi-directional power conversion system that allows operators to optimize operating expense by taking advantage of the best electricity rates and use renewable energy sources efficiently. It converts power between renewables, energy storage and the electricity grid while providing accurate energy control and grid power quality management features. The PCS100 can be scaled upto 400kW for both small and large-scale charging stations and is ideal for peak-shaving and load shifting in conjunction with EV charging stations.
Many operators choose to integrate photovoltaic arrays into their charging infrastructures. The heart of any photovoltaic system is the inverter. The Delta RPI M30A is a 30 kW, 3-phase grid connected solar inverter with 2 MPP trackers that offers 98.6% peak efficiency and will also be on display at the Delta booth.

Complete Telecom Power Solutions
Delta and Eltek supply many crucial telecommunication network components to carriers worldwide. The HVDC family by Delta, together with its Orion controller, is currently in use by a major Finnish telecommunications operator, for instance. The following Delta products will be featured at the joint exhibition stand:

• The Delta HVDC: The 400V high-voltage DC systems offer greater overall system efficiency as they reduce complexity and enhance reliability compared to traditional AC power systems. Thus, by sending power from the grid straight to IT equipment, data centre operators and carriers can achieve energy savings of 5 to 20 % DC power. It also reduces total investment costs, which can reduce 40% of the cost compared to a typical 48Vdc system. Furthermore, HVDC systems require less copper. In some cases, as much as 77% less copper than comparable 48Vdc infrastructure. HVDC systems are very convenient for DC smart grid system and green energy sources.
Tabletop BusWay demo kit: Busway is a subsystem for the power distribution system. It is suitable for use in data centers, which require high reliability and flexibility in power distribution. Another key feature is this device’s contribution to sustainability.
• The Delta BoxD Small Cells series was designed for use in 5G networks and tight spaces. These units are also a cost-effective option for increasing site density. Available in several dimensions, power levels and form factors, Delta’s Small Cell series are currently used in a wide variety of settings. The range includes small DC powered units as well as larger models outfitted with battery backup, li-Ion technology, UPS, and AC Inverters. The devices offer a solution to increasing traffic needs as well as network coverage and capacity challenges.
• Energy data management including iDEAn software demonstrator (Orion controller with remote connection to laptop running the application).
• The Modulon DPH 200kW modular uninterruptible power supply (UPS): This modular uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system is designed for ultimate availability, excellent performance, and high efficiency in medium-sized datacenters.

Outdoor Cabinets from Eltek
The Type 4 telecom power outdoor cabinet is a new platform generation designed give customers the flexibility to create whatever configurations they require across a variety of applications. The cabinet keeps DC power, battery, and telecom equipment cool, dry and secure. The cabinet’s thermal management features protect sensitive electronics even in extreme environments. The Type 4 accepts 19” rackmount equipment and offers thermal insulation, galvanized steel construction, a door-mounted fan filter, IP55 protection, and easy maintenance.

Visitors are encouraged to visit Delta and Eltek’s booth at B218 from 5-7 February, 2020 at the Jyväskylän Paviljonki in Finland.

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