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Delta Electronics

Delta Showcases Innovative, Energy-Efficient Solutions for Smart Cities at Matelec 2018

Delta, a global provider of power and thermal management solutions, is at Matelec 2018 to display its wide range of energy-efficient solutions, designed to support the creation of next-generation smart cities. The offering covers power electronics, UPS solutions, telecom power systems, electric vehicle (EV) charging, building automation, industrial automation and LED lighting solutions.

Delta Showcases Innovative, Energy-Efficient Solutions for Smart Cities at Matelec 2018
The ground-breaking solutions being demonstrated include the EtherCAT network featuring the AH-10EMC motion controller and ASDA-A2-E servo system. This can be programmed with function blocks that comply with the PLC open Motion standard making the implementation of complex functions easy and reducing engineering time in applications such as packaging machinery, electronics assembly and more. Delta will also be displaying the world’s highest power density 500kVA UPS in a 19’’ single rack, a product that delivers optimal power protection, market-leading 96.5% AC-AC efficiency, performance and superior reliability. The 150kW DC Ultra-Fast EV Charger, which is set to revolutionise the charging of EVs, will be presented at Matelec for the first time.
These have been created to help planners and developers not only lower the energy consumption of their facilities but also to enable the development of more efficient, secure, comfortable and valuable buildings found in Smart Cities today and in the future.
Jose-Manuel Roldan, general director for Spain at Delta Electronics EMEA region, said: “We are proud to be at Matelec 2018 demonstrating the utility, functionality and versatility of our integrated energy-saving solutions. We have leading products for customers interested in industrial IoT connectivity, energy monitoring and smart automation in manufacturing platforms. We can show them how we can increase the energy efficiency, safety, comfort and market value of their buildings, and integrate EV charging infrastructure with renewable energy into smart city infrastructure. Delta is the most suitable partner in all these fields given our superior technology and accumulated experience in integrating total solutions. Furthermore, Delta is committed to a sustainable future and a better tomorrow for the planet.”

Delta’s exhibition booth, located at Hall 4, stand 4C02, will present the following solutions:

• Industrial automation (IA)
- Delta is displaying its smart, Ethernet-based industrial cloud solutions, including the DIACloud platform with centralized data management and secure and easy-to-use functionality.
- Motion Controller - The AH10EMC EtherCAT Motion Controller which supports both the EtherCAT protocol for motion control as well as the Ethernet standard for data transmission, and the Delta Motion Control NETwork high speed, real-time communication system, will be shown.
- AC servo system - Delta’s high-end ASDA-A3 servo system features advanced servo drive functions, including 3.1 kHz bandwidth, 24-bit absolute type encoder with high resolution, and a low frequency vibration suppression function for enhanced motion control performance. The other advanced servo drive, Delta's ASDA A2-E, an advanced AC servo drive with EtherCAT communication interface to enable real-time and accurate performance in high-end applications. In addition to the EtherCAT communication function, ASDA A2-E features the Safe Torque Off integrated, full-closed loop control, and vibration suppression, which makes the ASDA A2-E ideal for a wide range of machinery applications.
- Human Machine Interface - Delta is showing the Widescreen Ethernet HMI DOP-100 Series which communicates via Ethernet to integrate with smart machines, production lines, factories and cloud environments. The DOP-100 Series uses Cortex-A8 high-speed processors, offering HD display resolution and support for remote monitoring via a number of different channels including FTP, email, and VNC

• Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
- High-power UPS systems featuring modular designs like the DPH 500kVA, which offers the industry’s leading power density of 55.6kVA per module, while providing the smallest footprint and best space utilization. The Modulon DPH 500kVA UPS is the ideal modular power protection for MW data centres and for helping them achieve total cost of ownership (TCO) optimization.
- Telecom Power Solutions - Delta is demonstrating telecom power solutions that cover functions such as control, management and cooling. Where power is unreliable or unavailable, Delta’s hybrid energy power solutions ensure telecom services by combining solar and wind power, diesel generators and fuel cells.
• Building Automation
- Delta’s IoT-based Building Management Platform is uniquely compatible with all open protocols used in building control such as Modbus, BACnet, M-Bus, DALI, EnOcean, OPC, LON and KNX for controlling energy-related functions including heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, security, renewable energy and EV chargers.
- Delta’s Connected Lighting Solution is a retrofit-friendly system that offers wireless connectivity and data analysis in industrial applications through the easy installation of an IoT module. The ultra-lightweight Staccato series of LED high-bay lights provide multiple options for wattage and lumen output selection, while coupled with Delta's high-efficiency programmable power supply.
• Electronic vehicle charging solutions (EVCS)
- With electric vehicles (EVs) a key feature of any sustainable smart city, Delta is showing a number of EV charging solutions. Delta has expertise in developing and integrating superior energy-efficient hardware and software to facilitate highly capable, eco-friendly and ubiquitous EV charging infrastructure. Its 150kW DC Ultra-Fast EV Charger is uniquely able to charge four EVs simultaneously, offering drivers a 100km range with a quick charging session below 15 minutes. This charging solution is supported by Delta’s DEEMS (Delta Efficient Energy Management Solution) software, which establishes communication between EV chargers, the electricity grid and the available energy storage infrastructure.

All of Delta’s diversified solutions for smart cities are presented for Matelec 2018 visitors at booth number 4C02 in Hall 4 from November 13-16 2018. The press conference will be held at 12:30 on 14 November at north convention centre S-100B.

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