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New PLSES 4500 motor for industrial refrigeration

Leroy-Somer is launching the new PLSES 4500, a high-speed drip-proof induction motor specifically designed for industrial refrigeration. Meeting the demand of professionals in the refrigeration sector, particularly as regards reliability and energy efficiency, the PLSES 4500 can reduce power consumption and operating cost by up to 30%.

New PLSES 4500 motor for industrial refrigeration
A refrigeration installation has a strong impact on the energy bill of a company. The cold compressor, at the heart of the system, remains the most energy-consuming element, and can represent up to 80% of total consumption. OEMs or integrators seek to reduce drastically the power consumption of their machines. The other fundamental requirement in this industry is fault-free operation, as any breakdown of the cold production system would cause significant losses.

With the PLSES 4500, a new IP23 high-efficiency and high-speed induction motor controlled by a frequency inverter, Leroy-Somer provides an appropriate response to the needs of the refrigeration industry.

Based on the IMfinity® platform, the PLSES 4500 motor combines tried-and-tested induction motor technology with Leroy-Somer's recognised drive systems expertise. These motors, cornerstones of the refrigeration system, whose robust design perfectly meets or even exceeds the industrial refrigeration requirements in terms of reliability, are compliant with the latest European standards.

Dedicated to high speed, the PLSES 4500 has been designed to operate at variable speed. It was tested and qualified with Leroy-Somer Powerdrive MD2 high-power variable speed drives, guaranteeing optimum electrical and mechanical performance, obtained by using components selected to work together.

This solution using a variable speed motor drive has a positive effect on the energy bill. Offering IE3 efficiency, PLSES 4500 motors deliver their rated torque over a range from 1000 to 4500 rpm, resulting in notable power gains at the refrigeration compressor output. For its part, the frequency inverter adjusts the speed to the load fluctuations - which are typical of industrial refrigeration - by limiting electricity consumption to what is strictly needed for the application. Through improving operating conditions, the motor-drive assembly contributes considerably to reducing the energy bill generated by the refrigeration unit, as well as increasing the coefficient of performance (COP). This maximised energy efficiency can reduce power consumption up to 30%.

Furthermore, Leroy-Somer made design choices which ensure a surprise-free operation of the PLSES 4500 motor, given the constraints of industrial refrigeration:

- To avoid the circulation of shaft currents, a particularly common phenomenon in high-power applications, and offer thus maximum protection to the motor and the driven machine, the PLSES 4500 is fitted with insulated bearings and a grounding ring as standard for redirecting shaft currents.

- Laid out in such a way as to facilitate the connection of thick shielded cables, the terminal box also has a set of grounding braids that contribute to the good product immunity to high-frequency electromagnetic interference.

- The cooling system has been optimised to reduce losses, minimise noise levels and prevent temperature rise. The PLSES 4500 also benefits from a thermal reserve of 25 K across the entire speed range, which increases the winding lifetime.

An ideal solution for the industrial refrigeration from 100 to 480 kW, in frame sizes from 225 to 315, the PLSES 4500 motor combines performance and energy efficiency, whilst maintaining a maximum level of reliability.

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