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RESPIRA®: intelligent HVAC management system

RESPIRA® is an intelligent HVAC management system that uses Artificial Intelligence to improve energy efficiency, thermal comfort and air quality in buildings and infrastructures.

RESPIRA®: intelligent HVAC management system

Sustainable and efficient climate control buildings
Its artificial intelligence platform offers the best performance for complex installations and connected spaces, such as subway infrastructures, subways, airports, sports halls, shopping malls, stations and hospitals.

RESPIRA® seeks balance in complex variables such as temperature, humidity, energy consumption and air quality to predict the environmental and operating conditions of the facility. In this way it helps to improve the well-being of users and reduce facility operating costs, making our spaces environmentally friendly and achieving sustainable buildings with efficient climate control.

The centralized control of all the ventilation equipment in the infrastructure allows our system to send customized speed settings to each of them, optimizing the thermal sensation and improving air cleanliness. RESPIRA® therefore guarantees more efficient air renewal, increasing hygiene and reducing the proliferation of pathogenic microorganisms.

Thanks to RESPIRA® you will take a big step towards health and comfort for your users, while also equipping yourself with a tool for sustainability. By optimizing energy consumption, we help you reduce your organization’s carbon footprint and achieve cities with a higher quality of life.


  • Maximizes energy efficiency andreduces electricity consumption el by up to 25%.
  • Your space will gain thermal comfort and air quality.
  • Minimizes expenses - RESPIRA® does not require large investments or a long lead time.
  • One product Plug & Play - a flexible, scalable and quick-to-install system.
  • GetNext Generation Funds - for RESPIRA® being a digital and sustainable product.

Internet of Things
Sensorización y recogida de datos

Procesos ETL
Almacenamiento y procesamiento

Data & Analytics
Analítica descriptiva y reporting

Inteligencia Artificial
Analítica predictiva y machine learning

Producto inteligente
Integración de sistemas

It offers the best performance in large infrastructures and connected spaces so that we can keep enjoying our cities:

Implementation of RESPIRA® in the Barcelona Metro
The RESPIRA® intelligent control system is currently being implemented in the Barcelona (Spain) metro network, under an agreement signed with Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB).

RESPIRA® monitors a total of 187 station fans and 142 tunnel fans, processing more than 500 million data items per year. Thanks to its ability to predict and optimise the ventilation system, it is expected to improve air quality and reduce average tunnel temperatures to a more comfortable level during the more than 400 million journeys it records each year. In this way, the Barcelona metro network could achieve energy savings of 30-40 % in the winter months, amounting to an average annual saving of 25 %.

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