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Intelligent, innovative, interesting - KEBA at the Light&Building

In just a few days, it's time for Light&Building to open its doors again - this time under the motto "Breaking new ground". The focus of the trade fair, which brings together professionals from the electrical industry with manufacturers, is on intelligent, networked solutions and innovative technologies. It is clear that the eMobility area of KEBA Energy Automation cannot be missing. Many innovations are waiting to be discovered by you - visit us at booth E39 in hall 12.1!.

KEBA eMobility solution for hotels and companies
Hotels, companies and anyone who wants to provide their customers with a charging station now have a convenient solution for tracking and billing charging processes with our new desktop application - the KEBA eMobility solution for hotels and companies. It offers:

  • an overview of the charged energy of the charging infrastructure, which can be directly assigned to individual charging processes and electric vehicle drivers via RFID cards a report on the total energy consumed and in terms of costs. These can be linked directly to the hotel bill or payroll
  • the integration of new or existing KeContact P30 charging stations or charging networks
  • remote control of KeContact P30 wallboxes
  • RFID card management and personalization of RFID cards (alias function)

Daily at 10:00 as well as at 14:00, our experts will present the details of the new KEBA eMobility solution for hotels and companies. You should not miss this!

KeContact P30 company car wallbox
Driving an EV as a company car offers many advantages. However, there is often the question of charging at home and how to charge the employer for the electricity costs incurred. Our solution: the KEBA company car wallbox. It fulfills all the necessary requirements for correct billing (such as a metering and ME-compliant energy meter or an automated report of the charging sessions for billing the employer) and is also climate-neutrally produced in Austria.

More access, transparency and control - with the KEBA eMobility App
The KEBA eMobility App is the digital service for KeContact P30 users. It gives you full control over your c-series and x-series wallbox. You want to start and stop your charging process? No problem. Communicate with your wallbox via your local network and get information about its status. You can track all details and real-time data - such as time, energy, power, amperage, etc. - of the current charging process in the app.

In addition, you can also manage and configure your wallbox with the KEBA eMobility app. Get information on past charging sessions, manage your RFID cards and use extensive configuration options. In short: You have full control over your KeContact P30 - simply from your mobile device.

KeContact M20: Intelligent load management for up to 200 wallboxes
Where many EVs are charging in a confined space, either high connected loads and expensive energy storage are required - or intelligent load management is needed. In order to make the best possible use of the existing electrical system in company or hotel parking lots or in garages of apartment buildings, we at KEBA have developed the KeContact M20 Charging Management Controller. With this, up to 200 wallboxes can be smartly controlled and thus used simultaneously.

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