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Wallbox control now also available via smartphone

We have developed the KEBA eMobility App to make it even easier to operate and monitor your own wallbox. From now on, all our c- and x-series charging stations as well as the company car wallbox can be controlled via smartphone or tablet.

The new KEBA eMobility App is here! It is the command bridge for your pocket or handbag. With the newly developed app, all of our connective KEBA charging stations can be set up, controlled and monitored via smartphone (or tablet).

Configure, control and manage

The KEBA eMobility App starts with many features that can be used with all of our charging stations of c-series, x-series and company car wallbox:

  • Start and stop a charging session
  • Set the maximum charging power
  • Display information about the current charging session
  • Display of past charging data

Even more features for all smart wallboxes
There is also an automatic update function for our x-series wallboxes and the company car wall box. A tap of your finger in your KEBA eMobility App is all it takes to activate it. These charging stations can also be configured via smartphone or tablet. This also includes the management of the RFID cards. You therefore can assign or revoke access rights in the App and obtain charging data for the various users.

Available for iOS and Android
In the course of the past Beta-Tests, we spent time extensively testing the App together with numerous users before the official launch. The KEBA eMobility App is now available in the Apple App Store as well as the Google Play Store for both common operating systems. Now, practically all users of a connected KEBA charging station can instantly enjoy even more ease of use. Simply download the App from the Apple App Store or the Android Play Store - done! A special Setup Guide then helps you to connect with your own wallbox and with setting it up.

For the time being, the App control only works within the network in which the wallbox operates. So either the user's network or the wallbox's own WLAN. In the future, the KEBA eMobility App will also enable remote access to all x-series and company car wallboxes, i.e. from anywhere in the world.

Join the 155,000+ IMP followers