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New sound-optimised box for external venetian blinds

Winner of the R + T digital Innovation Prize 2021.

Urbanisation and urban consolidation have inspired Warema to rethink sound insulation for boxes for top-mounted external venetian blinds for new buildings. High-quality living space is often built in areas with lots of noise from traffic and people, so every decibel counts. Warema has reconsidered the physical foundations of sound insulation and opted for a double-layer structure. Reducing the noise level by approximately 47 decibels, the box achieves the highest sound insulation values in the industry.

The new functional principle includes a fully integrated sound insulation package, making planning and installation no different from previous models. The structure – carefully selected and precisely matched layers of mineral wool and a sound-absorbing insert – decouples sound-related oscillations early on, weakening them before they are transmitted to the plaster layer. This significantly reduces noise inside the building. Using a double oscillator improves the weighted sound reduction index by around seven decibels (to roughly 47 decibels) compared with the previous system. At the same time, the thermal insulation parameters of the product remain unchanged.

Modular design for every situation
The top-mounted box comes in three variants. The modular layer structure of the materials within the insulating wedge enables the product to be perfectly matched to its intended use. This allows property developers and architects to select the best solution for the situation and from an economic perspective.

The double-layer variant with a sound insulation package is particularly suitable for buildings on busy roads, in city centres and close to railway tracks, as well as for bedrooms and study/workrooms. Warema is now offering a sound-optimised variant of the box as standard for price-sensitive non-residential buildings, with mineral wool as an integrated absorber. This optimises noise reduction for this model as well, with a weighted sound reduction index of 44 decibels, making it a versatile option for conventionally developed areas. The basic variant without optional extras is still available as the lowest-price option.

Awarded the R + T Innovation Prize Gold
Top-mounted boxes allow sun shading products to be integrated unobtrusively into facades while minimising planning outlay. Since statutory regulations for the thermal protection of buildings require building products to have the best possible thermal insulation parameters, most top-mounted boxes are made mainly of insulation materials such as expanded polystyrene. Warema has developed a modular design that allows the sound-optimised box to meet increasing demands for sound insulation despite the product’s low weight.

The box was awarded the R + T 2021 Innovation Prize Gold in the category Special Solutions in February at R+T digital, the first virtual trade fair for roller shutters, gates and sun shading systems. A jury of association representatives, trade journalists, architects and industry experts evaluated submissions in the ‘Special Solutions’ category. The jurors were wowed by Warema’s innovative top-mounted box, its scientifically developed mode of operation and its sound insulation values, unparalleled in the industry to date. Information about all award winners will be available to attendees online for 365 days until the start of R+T 2022.

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