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New Intesis solutions launched on the HMS product Fall Window

We are glad to introduce a total of 5 automation solutions in our gateways family, 2 for Protocol Translators and 3 for the AC Interfaces product family focused on making efficient energy consumption on buildings.

Ending this special year for Intesis where we are celebrating 20 years of helping system integrators in making integration simple and reliable, our staff have been developing new solutions offering interconnection of devices within buildings.

Check these new gateway solutions which make our portfolio wider:

Protocol Translators. Two new gateways are launched offering new solutions for EtherNet/IP and OCPP integration.

  • EtherNet/IP to BACnet. The new EtherNet/IP – BACnet Protocol Translator, the second gateway in our Factory-to-Building family, offers direct communication between BACnet networks and EtherNet/IP PLCs for the integration of up to 1200 BACnet points and 500 bytes I/O EtherNet/IP data.
  • OCPP to Modbus. The new OCPP to Modbus protocol translator, offers a direct integration of 1 or 20 Electric Vehicle’s (EV) charging stations over OCPP 1.6 into any Modbus RTU or TCP controller. Integrate basic control and monitoring of OCPP-compatible EV charging points with any Modbus based BMS in a simple and efficient way.

AC Interfaces. Listening to the market, we've been developed new demanded solutions for HVAC integration.

  • Fujitsu to KNX interface. Developed in collaboration with the AC manufacturer, The Fujitsu-KNX gateway allows fully bi-directional communication between Fujitsu RAC and VRFunits provided with the new UART connector and the KNX system.
  • Home Automation Multi-unit AC interfaces. The new multi-unit AC interfaces for home automation complete the WMP series of interfaces with only one to one Wi-Fi solutions until now. The solution allows up to 64/128 indoor units integration into any IP-based Home Automation System.
  • Midea to BACnet interface. The new BACnet interface for Midea Commercial & VRF (Compatible with the newest V6 and V6i lines of Midea) systems fills the portfolio gap we had for Midea’s integrations into BA systems. Having until now 1:1 solutions for KNX and Modbus, the welcomed interface will ensure also the integrations into BACnet installations.

As a reminder, last month we integrated into our portfolio all IntesisHome products, now called AC Cloud Control, the IoT management solution for Domestic, Commercial and Professional Air Conditioning lines.

To make building integration simple and reliable, our staff keep performing new gateway solutions to keep improving your automation projects.

Join the 155,000+ IMP followers