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4 Amazing Benefits of a Good BACnet Router


A good BACnet router doesn’t just transmit messages to devices, it can do that and so much more. A good BACnet router will improve BACnet connection, security, and speed.

BACnet Router illustration
Almost all BACnet routers are designed to send standard Who-Is/I-Am messages back and forth between networks and devices. But just because they have message transmission in common does not mean that all routers are created equal.

Believing that a router is just a router could limit your flexibility and prevent you from taking advantage of the many benefits of interoperability. It could also create incompatibility issues and put you at risk for network security breaches.

In addition to overcoming all these challenges, here are 4 other benefits of a good BACnet router.
A good BACnet router is easy to configure and use.
A good BACnet router has fast set up and is simple to use. Take the MSA FieldServer BACnet Router, for example. With a single web page configuration for basic settings, it is quick and easy to configure. Advanced configuration also is available for features such as BBMD and editing BDT tables.
A good BACnet router is easy to troubleshoot.
It shouldn’t require an IT genius to troubleshoot issues. And with FieldServer BACnet Router, it doesn’t. Not only does the built-in BACnet Explorer tool validate that everything is working correctly, it streamlines troubleshooting. For example, the BACnet Explorer feature not only discovers and lists communicating BACnet devices for troubleshooting, onboard diagnostics allows for filtering of BACnet MS/TP and BACnet/IP packets for in-depth analysis.
A good BACnet router can handle networks both large and small.
A good BACnet router will enable multiple routing connections for BACnet/IP, BACnet Ethernet, and BACnet MS/TP on networks of any size. We’re continually upgrading our FieldServer BACnet Router, so it works just as well on big networks as it does on small ones.
A good BACnet router features state-of-the-art security features to thwart hackers.
Security is always a concern when it comes to network-related connections. A good BACnet router will have security policies in place and, like the FieldServer BACnet Router, take users through a secure log in procedure, enabling secure socket layer (SSL) certificates for any browser that logs into the network.
How to Know If You Have a Good BACnet Router
So, is your BACnet router “good” or not?.

Only you can answer that question for certain. BACnet routers have become the gold standard for industrial automation. That doesn’t mean, however, that you should choose and use just any BACnet router. A good BACnet router can:
  • Reduce time/cost of installation
  • Allow for quick troubleshooting if needed
  • Connect to a large number of BACnet devices
  • It is BTL certified
If you’re looking for a BACnet router that is cost effective and supports current BACnet/IP infrastructure, pay extra attention to these 4 criteria. They can help ensure that you’re choosing – and using – the best BACnet router for your network(s).

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